Match Report v Sharks

Well, our derby rolled into town last week and it was a cracker. A close game and plenty of feeling in the game which culminated in our dapper dan, Shane ‘showtime’ Jones getting issued a red card along with his dance partner.

Rocky Miller was interestingly enough the victim this time round after a late hit from behind which saw his attacker being sent off.

In sad news just to hand, Kingy is walking around in a knee brace and now in danger of missing the rest of 2012.

Dinos 8.8 vs Sharks 6.8 “shield will be engraved next week”

Summary : As has been the pattern, the Dinos came out and kicked 4 of the first 5 goals and it appeared to be a case of Dinos by how much? The Sharks dug in after half time, shuffled a few belind the ball and started to get some movement into the forward half kicking the 3 of the last 4 goals. A last minute goal by Chris Simbas sealed the game and it was off the esky full of red wonder.


Wharton Murray continues his goal a game trend…particularly pleasing against the old team…always up and about for this game, Juice puts in another big first half before being asked to plug a hole at centre half back after Lukey ‘Ugly Dave’ Gray gets moved into the guts.
Danny Haines tore around the ground in the last quarter and was key to keeping our nose in front, Stevey Basky did a great job back before being released into the centre
Rocky Miller got more ball than Bob Down in the first quarter and continued to accumulate..great effort in the guts. Kingy gave new meaning to the “forward press” catching a ticket from the back pocket to the forward pocket. Get well soon Kingdog.

Dan Mangers dragged himself out of the sick bed and went up against the toughest ruck assignment in Masters footy vs Lofty…with a bit more petrol in the tank, you’ll get him next year big fella.

Luke Gray was asked to run the spine from half hack to ruck and was more than competitive all game, Troy TC Corton is starting to build to a big back half of the season since being released from work commitments. Tonsils Gittos did some nice link up work and is starting to find the pace of the game.

Ace was on fire in the first quarter up front and kicked from a very tight pocket + another…switched to the backline in the last half and gathered a few more touches there. Grievesy was feeling only marginally better than Mangers and put in a contest every time the ball came near.

Haousty requested the job of maning up #50 (Whitey) who was cutting us to bits….very big of him to let someone else have that. Wanga spent more time on the bench than he should have but I like his company.

Pearsy started in a back pocket this week instead of his pears paddock of the carnival. His personality came back as he was moved into the guts, Whitey had the first kick of the game and set the tone for that all important break at quarter time. Scooter’s sure ball handling a highlight on a slippery night, Reevesy chased hard when we needed it and restricted the backwards switch kicks to none.

Hunts took a number of marks both forward and back, gave us a good physical presence and set Lofty a task in the ruck. Dooly continued to impress across the half back/middle and along with Mangers and Grievesy are the big improvers in 2012.

Shane Jones didn’t kick a goal, Simbas kicked the winning goal..another out of the sick bed, Scotty Sarre kept his pants on, Gunja Johnson played at both ends of the ground and did both shutdown and provide an option

The coach is still fiddling with the board in an attempt to make sense of how anyone can move players off the bench, on the field, react to the other team and then come up with something to say each hat is well and truly off to them.

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