Variety Club Fundraiser

The annual Variety Club Fundraiser was held last Saturday & again proved to be hugely successful. Almost 200 attended, which was a fantastic turnout for this great cause.

The final amount is still being counted but a substantial amount was again raised for the Variety Club & other local sporting groups. There were some very popular items donated for the sporting memorabilia auction & there was also the hotly contested horse racing with the winners looking very happy with their prize. Continue reading “Variety Club Fundraiser”

Dinosaurs v Busselton

G’day Dinos, I’ve got an update on our next home game which is against Busselton & will be played at Carey Park on SUNDAY 5th August kicking off @ 2:30pm.

Ideally we would of liked to play under lights on the Saturday night but there also 2 other functions on @ Hands oval, so it couldn’t be done. Can everyone respond to let us know of your availability & I’ll send out an updated list next week.

Also keep in mind that the Perth carnival is on the weekend of the 18th of August, see Pearsy for full details of accommodation, travel etc.

Our new jumpers will be ready in time for the Perth carnival so we’ll start collecting for those who have ordered their own jumpers.

Keechys Korner

 On a cold and wet Friday 29th July 2012 night, the boys from Jurassic Park piled into a comfortable 22 seater from Go West for our one and ony bus trip for 2012. Reevesy was at the wheel doing his best for Dry July, we had a Carlton vs Hawks game on Ace’s ipad to watch on the way and life was good. I organised myself next to Squares and with my folder in front of me, asked him if he’d like to ‘run the structures’ with me. After he give me a look that is unique to Stephen, he stopped me in my tracks..”steady on Mick Malthouse, we’re not playing for sheep stations”.

At the half way mark a break-away group decided that having a couple of
quiets before the game might be the go..after all it was Friday night and
the footy was on the big screen (all 15 inches of it). Not on Mick
Malthouse’s watch!! and sanity only just prevailed and the eskies were
slammed shut much to PD and Pearsy’s disgust.

We have never beaten Margs in our short history and suffered a heavy loss at
last years country carnival so travelling down there on a cold and wet night
looking for a win was never going to be a walk in Jurassic Park. By the time
we arrived at the game, the Margs boys were on the ground doing a few run
throughs so there was barely enough time to get changed and for someone to
strap the tail on, before we were into it.

Margs stormed out of the centre and our backline was under the pump from the start. Hutts provided a steady hand on the wheel and by the end of the quarter we started to win possession. Stewy took a good mark in tough conditions and like Stevey J, he played on and hooked a long goal. From that point late in the 2nd quarter we had most of the play with Pears, Kelly, Ogden and Gray providing contests and clean skills. Squares had said a polite “No” to the yellow jumper and was locking it in the forward line when
it came down. In typical Dino spirit, Kingy had decided to have a kick when all those close to him didn’t want him to…lucky for us they’re opinion doesn’t carry much weight (just kidding Janelle), cos guess who kicked the winning goal…and celebrated with an excellent belly slide.

Q1 – Margs 1.0, Dinos 0.1
Q2 – Margs 1.0, Dinos 1.2
Q3 – Margs 0.1, Dinos 0.2
Q4 – Margs 0.2, Dinos 1.1

3pt win to the Dinos 18pt vs 15pts in a shootout!!!

Best: Pears, Squares, Juice, Oggy, Gray

The Margs boys had the kitchen open which made up for the cold showers and after the preso and few beers, it was off to Settlers Tav and then The Nard in Busselton much to Square’s delight (someone should tell him, we’re not playing for sheep stations). We pulled into the Jurassic Park car park at what is becoming the standard for bus trips…2am

Well done to all players and support staff (Hally, Rosie and Whitedog), to
Reevesy the bus driver, and Haousty for donating the bus which allowed us to
give Dry July a $100 donation and make the club $50 after liquid expenses.

The next/last home and away game is against Busselton (who beat us by a
narrow margin last year) at home so as Micky Malthouse would say..”The Earth is slow but the Dino is patient so we’ll get them this year“.