Dino’s had a call from Brett from the Boomers saying that one of their players mother have passed away & the funeral will be held on Saturday down South.

A number of their players will be attending so they have had to cancel the game

So after talks with Keechy were going to play an intraclub game between ourselves down at Jurassic Park starting at 3pm. It will be 11 or 12 per side, so guys if you know anyone who wants a run get them to come along.

Muzza, Simba, Reevsy or anyone else with a young bloke bring them along if they’re available.

Please also invite the ladies & young kids along as we’ll have a Barby & we’ll provide some drinks for the ladies as well.

Cheers Ace


As we know gents there has been a lot of email traffic going around & flooding inboxes all over the South West.

We want to stop emailing & from now all information will be posted on our website.

If your subscribed the Dinosaurs website https://dalyellupdinosaurs.com/  you’ll receive a notification (yes it’s an email) of a new post. From that if you want to add any comments you can do so on the website instead of everyone emailing out responses, so if you want be involved in a conversation you can, if not, no probs.

If you don’t know how to subscribe or don’t understand what I mean just give me a buzz on 0417 941 154.




Cheers, Ace


Just had a call from Brett from Eaton Boomers asking if we want to have game next Saturday (01/09). They were trying to organise a mini carnival But it would be just Boomers Vs Dinosaurs now.

Game would be @ 3pm @ their ground & they are planning on getting a band & having a feed (partners as well). It will be a $20 per head to cover costs.

Can you please let me know ASAP if you want to play & also if you’ll be able to hang around for the band & meal.


Keechy Korner – City Carnival

As expected the City Carnival came and went like a freight train. Once again it has reminded us that life is as much about having a drink and a laugh with occasionally similarly minded blokes as the slightly more serious pursuits of family, work and renovations.

We met on Friday at 4pm at Jurassic Park and to everyone’s surprise, were away by 4.15pm with Reever in the drivers seat. To nobody’s surprise the first stop came in the form of a bottle shop and to pick up a couple of Dinos that had started earlier that afternoon at The Highway (it will be Barbados next year I promise Frank). With the eskies stocked and Spirit Radio’s boom box belting out a Reeves Medley of soft rock songs, we headed to Dominos Pizza in Eaton to load up for the long-ish night ahead.

After negotiating Golden Bay and grabbing Oggy (excellent news, his battle in the Bunbury Courthouse earlier that day and was successful so will be back evading RBTs in time for Easter 2013), we landed in Perth after half a dozen dewatering stoppages. Reevesy wasted no time testing out Hay St on his long skate board and another head injury was looming. Fortunately his mellon was split open during the first game, attempting his signature 2012 bind spin with cut back into the centre and optional flour bagger to opposition, rather than requiring a distracting 000 call that night. Continue reading “Keechy Korner – City Carnival”