Keechys Korner – Dinos v Busso

 The 2012 regular season has come and gone and although the Dinosaurs didn’t bring it home with a win, it was a typically gutsy performance. With only 17 men vs 22 we gave the Busselton boys a run for their money and beat them in the second half which was very encouraging for the Perth Carnival. Busso eventually ran out winners by a couple of goals. The game was played in a swirling breeze for most of the game and driving rain in the last quarter so the skill level was not as high as previous games but the desperation to play for the tangerine was certainly on show.

Bussleton 8.6
Dinos 6.4

Notable plays of the day included Jay Curtis playing the role of potential goal sneak, finding himself in space a number of times in the first half with opportunities to convert. Unfortunately either the ball took on a soap like quality or the ball drop proved a bit tricky and he failed to put one over the cross bar. Capt Murray wisely calculated that there were more men on the field than balls and decided that if he wasn’t going to get the ball, he was gonna use his Chockie Starfish gym sculptured frame to tackle everyone in black and white..he did kick a goal which meant he only missed out on a goal in one game for the whole season. Juice and Bask gave some quick extraction from the middle which will be deadly in a couple of weeks in Perth.

Miller is in red hot medal winning form and was talking about how much ground he is gonna cover at the carnival after his BOG performance (but WAB – worst at bar with a suggestion during pressos that Janelle King was the entertainment…thanks for being the only girl to turn up Janelle, we can only hope you will be around next year). Gunja got plenty of the ball in the last quarter, Reever attempted a new age tackle and got pitchforked over onto his back.

Darren Gittos did some very handy work from a back pocket and showed off some terrific spoiling and straight line running. Big Dan carried a couple of burgers around in the guts for a solid 4 quarter ruck display.

Stewy P lead strongly all day and used his booming voice to direct traffic in the forward half. Rosie tested his cracked ribs with a few pack collisions and tackles and kicked a nice long range goal. Chris Simbas was electric in the first quarter running through half forward with Grievesy also giving good service both forward and back and had a nice running bounce out of the backline in pouring rain in the last. Douly and Hoges battle the flukey conditions to stop many of their forward entries. Pearsy saved himself for Perth.

After the game it was a few beers, watched Essendon get knocked over by Taylor Walker’s mullet at AAMI and some pizza. Thanks to the little sons of dinos (little SODs) for helping with the bourbon raffle ($120) and taking the money for the pizza (security cameras have been checked and happy to report that there was minimal fiddling of the till). Jack Wharton did a great job as assistant umpire to Lindsay for the day.

New jumpers are on the way and the long range forecast is for a clean sweep at the carnival.

Final Layout

2 thoughts on “Keechys Korner – Dinos v Busso”

  1. Hahaha love the write up keeeech btw , I’m calling that pic the cooked chook posie … Lucky u can’t see me sucking my thumb as well 🙂

  2. Dear Mr Keech, your editoral style is eloquent yet raw. There are shades of Dennis Commetti and Laurie Lawrence in the tone and delivery of your story to the reader. A massive amount of emotion was evident in the article. If I was Rupert Murdoch I’d give you a job with one of my outstanding and highly credible tabloids. Alas i’m not so stick to the Korner.
    Regards Trump

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