Keechy Korner – City Carnival

As expected the City Carnival came and went like a freight train. Once again it has reminded us that life is as much about having a drink and a laugh with occasionally similarly minded blokes as the slightly more serious pursuits of family, work and renovations.

We met on Friday at 4pm at Jurassic Park and to everyone’s surprise, were away by 4.15pm with Reever in the drivers seat. To nobody’s surprise the first stop came in the form of a bottle shop and to pick up a couple of Dinos that had started earlier that afternoon at The Highway (it will be Barbados next year I promise Frank). With the eskies stocked and Spirit Radio’s boom box belting out a Reeves Medley of soft rock songs, we headed to Dominos Pizza in Eaton to load up for the long-ish night ahead.

After negotiating Golden Bay and grabbing Oggy (excellent news, his battle in the Bunbury Courthouse earlier that day and was successful so will be back evading RBTs in time for Easter 2013), we landed in Perth after half a dozen dewatering stoppages. Reevesy wasted no time testing out Hay St on his long skate board and another head injury was looming. Fortunately his mellon was split open during the first game, attempting his signature 2012 bind spin with cut back into the centre and optional flour bagger to opposition, rather than requiring a distracting 000 call that night.

Baz McQueen set about making his room at The Alderny on Hay feng shui compliant and cranked up a humidifier to aid recovery after the game. The herb garden was also a nice touch to ward off homesickness. Kingy took a sleep deprivation bullet and teamed up with Pearsy and the rest just disappeared into holes in the walls and reappeared on various balconies to get their bearings. A shower and 10 minutes later we were all at The Carlton Hotel, betting on every dog race in the country. For most, the night finished here prior to midnight but not for all.

Our first game was at 9.30am vs Mandurah Makos so by 8.30 we were all on the bus on a date with destiny. After setting the tent up, cranking the boom box up with PD’s 4 versions of Yellow Submarine and a few run throughs, on the surface, things looked miles ahead of last year (back tracking through the city to pick Pearsy up at this time in 2011). All looked good until the whistle blew…then the realisation that we were not on became obvious. A comment was passed that Squares would be turning over in his coaching grave if he witnessed what we turned out in the first half. We got hammered against a side we beat last year, Reevesy’s head exploded in a sickening clash and the poor old dinosaur with the cane could not have had a dirtier beginning. After a strong word from Coach Hall at half time, we got real and out scored them but the damage had been done.

Makos 5.4 vs Dinos 2.4
Votes: Ogden 5, Miller 4, Gray 3, Hutton 2, White 1

Note: Baz sat this game out and could have been the difference but was so focused on finding a corner shop, the coaching staff had no choice but to put him on compassionate leave.

Our second game vs Kambalda/Kalgoorlie saw us have a narrow win and show some Dino spirit. Miller popped up a birthday present for Kingy but as it hovered over Cobber Roberts head, he decided not to take dangle. Craig Hall could have picked up a new nic name of ‘The Butler’ after this game as he gave off to Pearsy (very nice tight angle goal) and Reevesy…and managed to snag one himself (no doubt Pearsy hated giving that hand pass).

The Bulters’ public service knows no bounds…assisting parking bikes later that evening.

Dinos 6.4 vs Kal 5.5
Votes: Hutton 5, Miller 4, Ogden 3, Healy 2, King 1

During the break The WA Masters ran the 60m race and Rocky Miller took home the chocies, celebrated like a champ but unfortunately passed the femininity test and as a woman is ineligible. Hoges lined up for the kicking but both his droppies and torps had a distinctive ABC look to them which did not equate to distance off the tee.

Our last game vs Geraldton Mariners was a mismatch with the Dinos keeping the greater metropolis of Geraldton goalless. This big ground (Oval 3) offered up a big victory last year vs Vic Park Pigs in game 2 so clearly we love the space. Ace Cameron had a crack at a few droppies, The Medallist had a run and was saved by the work of Hutton and Rose who made it impossible for the opposition to get on the board.

Dinos 7.4 vs Gero 0.3
Votes: Hutton 5, King 4, Rose 3, Healy 2, Ogden 1

The Presentations announced Hutts named the new Medallist and both he and Oggy given All Star status (back to back for Oggy). Kev is still waiting to be presented officially by mail.

After a good rousing ‘oh we are the Dinosaurs..’ on the bus, it was off to another bottle shop and back to the hotel where the pool and spa awaited. As last year, we had bubbles and beers but with the appearance of a stolen blow up sex doll from a hens night close by and then 3 unsupervised 10 year olds (at least one seen running into the pool full of bubbles with the doll), we had ventured into the twilight zone. Anyway, nobody got taken to jail and we got ourselves ready for the night ahead and landed at the Han Palace for dinner. These guys did a great job last year and this year took it to another level, putting us in the VIP room and even getting in the beer we wanted for the night. Jason Heal was on fire during the fines session, possibly fining everyone for something.

The crew split from the restaurant after the traditional flounder slapping and ventured between the Casino, Fenians and The Brass Monkey. Fenians provided a band called Shanks Pony who played bush, folk and rock covers and a few originals. Haoooousty was up to his old magic tricks, Hally channelled Michael Flatley on the dance floor and a couple of Irish girls showed how overrated the queens English can be and gave us a swearing lesson.

In the morning Whitey donned his favourite 1980s world series cricket shirt, took the wheel and chauffeured us home. Well, we thought he was, until we arrived at his place..he simply called the end of his carnival, waved and walked into his house….quite brilliant.

All in all, it was a top weekend….see you all around the fire.

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