Weekend Game, Eagles vs Roos and Barbados


Year closing out, fire starting to dim….

For those keen enough for a run on the weekend, well done….we played a game of half court footy with 8 per side which was a lot of fun and probably something we will try next year at training (most likely on the weeks we aren’t playing). We over catered something terrible so Pearsy helped out in his indomitable way and took home all the excess food and drinks…big up Big Kev.

We are having a quick bite at Barbados on Wednesday 12.30 this week to test run the premises for Saturday so if you are around, pop down for a nibble.

With North Melbourne finishing 9th for the last two years (and Rosey licking his lips with the prospect of watching me cry in my beer…he’s flicked me a ticket) I am heading up to Perth on Sunday. If anyone would like a lift, there is plenty of room – 4 seats available. We will most likely drop the car at Claremont, have a few beers, train into/out of Subi and head home.

On Saturday night, we will need each person to bring $20 each to cover some of the costs of dinner.

Original & the Best (Medallist)

Author: dinosprez

Mad Bomber supporter, washed up ex footballer from country Vic. Now having a kick in the Old Boys with the Dalyellup Dinosaurs Married to Anni with 3 kids, Charlee, Jack & Jaspa

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