UPDATE #4 – Dinos Wind up

Good afternoon Dinos & Mrs Dinos

Numbers are looking great for Saturday night (08/08) @ Barbados. with well over 50 indicating there be walking down the Red Carpet. (See the list below, I think its pretty much up to date but if I’ve missed anyone please let me know).

For those who don’t know arrivals are from around 7pm & it will kick off @ 7.30pm

There’s been a bit of “discussion” in regards to what the dress code for the fairer sex for the evening. I had initially put that it was EVENING WEAR but I’ve been questioned on this. As the function will be @ Barbados I have been advised that it’s SMART CASUAL but really it’s up to each lady to wear whatever they choose.

For the Gents, Safari Suits are encouraged (door prize for the best/worst moustache) but not mandatory.


Original & the Best (Medallist)

Author: keecheyskorner

The original and the best (Medallist)

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