Morning Dinos,

I recived an email (see below & attahced flyer) from Bevan Sturgess-Smith who is invloved with AFL Masters in Perth.

Sounds like a it’s for a good cause will be really good with a couple of great speakers who had a lot to do with the inception of World Series Cricket. I’m sure most of you recently saw Howzat, which was a fantastic mini series about this era.

If you love your cricket then you’ll love this.


You may already know that I am on the board at St Bartholomew’s House?

St Barts is an organisation providing care, support and services to Perth’s homeless, aged and those with mental health issues.

We are running an event where profits will go to St Barts Foundation (of which I am the Chairman) as attached.

Tim Gossage will be the MC and attendees will hear some great stories from Greg Chappell and Austin Robertson of their own careers let alone their roles in the establishment of World Series Cricket.

It is on the morning of the first day of the cricket test at the WACA so cricket will be getting plenty of profile around then.

If you would like to come along and/or purchase a table that would be great?

Howzat Flyer


Grand Final Day Dance for the Dinos

The crowd swelled to a size not often seen at our games but we had a few high profile recruits who had been brought in as a bit of an experiment and it must have done the trick. The regular core of guys made up the majority of the 26 players and after a rev up from ‘the penguin with a frozen tongue who roared’, it was down to business. The structures had been run, the players instructed…how would they respond ? Like bloody champions, the boys awoke the T-Rex within! Playing a Collie Fossils side stacked with reserves players wanting to be part of their clubs big day, the Dinos ripped them to shreds in the opening stanza…a Cold Chisel quarter for Collie, ‘standing on the outside, looking in’.

Best: White, Kelly, Pears, Baskerville, Smith

Wharton Medal – David White

A proud Muzza Wharton with the innagural Wharton Medallist David White

Q1 4.3 vs 2.1
Q2 3.7 vs 1.2
Q3 2.2 vs 4.1
Q4 2.4 vs 2.1
Total 11.16 vs 9.5

Thanks to the Dinos for a Day – Jamie Nani, Hayden Smith, Johnno and Widdo.
Thanks to Hally, Parners,  for their coaching

Juice racked up the possessions early as is fast becoming his trademark and KP managed to put on the best kind of pressure, score board pressure, with 3 first half goals. Unfortunately he strutted off demanding more access to the ball ‘cos the crowd had come to see him and he was only just getting cranked up’ but the club has him on a couple of courses that will hopefully have an impact over the off season. Whitey was playing 30% defensive, 70% attacking off the familiar half back line and collected plenty of quality ball right through the day. The ever green Squares swung himself into the middle in the last quarter and had an immediate impact as the ball went forward and Ace got involved to kick our last 3 goals of the game.

There were plenty of little cameos..Jay got on the board, Haousty had a go at busting every tackle, Widdo subbed himself off after 90 secs, Hally leapt to action when all others were floundering and stretcher a Collie boy off the ground, Reever did a top impression of a Jack Russell on the sidelines, Sarrey got through unscathed despite attempting to smother at every opportunity.

A ripper day finished off with a few hours watching the other game in the grand stand with a few frothies.

Congratulations to the club for proving a battle ready unit…getting a side together, 2 months after our last game in sort time is a great indicator that the Dalyellup Dinosaurs are going to be around for a long time yet.



Morning Boys, just want to add a little more in regards to the AGM.

I know from past AGM’s I’ve been involved with, you never get great numbers, so for those of you who can’t make it please see below;

We need people to put their hands up for the following portfolios (see roles & descriptions for next year below). Please let me know what suits you best;

1. Social Director (estimated time per week March thru Sept is 1hr)


a) Responsible for beer and ice (Condello’s or equivalent sponsor), sausages (pick up from DBC), bread + extras (supermarket) on Thursdays.

b) Responsible for booking restaurant for events ie Perth Carnival, End of Season dinner.

c) Game day function & prizes at game.

Members required (2)

2. Property Manager(estimated time per week March thru Sept is 1hr)


a) Game day materials at the ground – water bottles, first aid kit (fully stocked), clean jumpers.

b) New practice balls each year + new training equipment etc.


Members required (1)

3. Fines Master

Members required (1)

4. Sponsorship Director


Existing and new sponsor commitment, prizes for game day winners ie wine, etc.

Members required (2)

5. Special Events Committee

Variety day at Burly, other charity/promotional events, etc.

Members required (2 – 3)

Cheers, Ace



Good afternoon Dinos,

We need to have our AGM so that were all set for 2013. We were originally aiming to do it in late September but the stars didn’t align & we had to push the date back.

As were going to be gathering down @ Jurassic Park next Thursday night to farewell the Barbarian before he heads off to become a banana bender, we’ve decided to hold it then. It will be kept short & sweet & we can then let the Barbarian take centre stage & tell us a few final jokes.

We’ve already had the following people put up their names for the following positions but if any of you want to nominate for a particular position, please let me know.

  • President: Ace
  • Vice President: Pearsy
  • Treasurer: George
  • Secretary: Dags
  • General Committee: Keechy, Muzza, Sari & Jonah.

I’d like another 3 or 4 committee members as well, so if any of you who haven’t done it before but would like to help out, let me know.

What we plan to do is allocate portfolios to committee members (EG: Social, Sponsorship, etc.), from this they will then form a separate subcommittee with a few others (not committee members) to run their portfolio.

FYI Nev has told me that he won’t be standing for a position with the Dino’s next year due to his commitments with the juniors & Auskick. He will still be around & he’s hoping that if his ticker is OK he‘ll get to play next year as well.

Cheers, Ace

AC DC cover band show FREE TIX

Hi guys

Dags Gittos has 50 tickets to give away (FREE) for a show THIS SATURDAY night.

Who??        ACCADACCA (Australias best AC/DC tribute band)

Where??     EXIT Late night Bar

Time??       Support band starts at 8:30

If any of the boys keen to get off the leash, emailDarren Gittos or ring on 0437
050 355  ASAP for free tickets.

They have been selling for $20 each so if you want to get some mates together, could be fun night.


Morning Dinos,

I was talking to Nifty Nev yesterday & the new rooms are up & running.

Someone he knows has donated a heap of gear (plates, cutlery, chairs, tv’s etc) & we need to move it from a shed in Halifax to the new rooms.

He has a truck organised & if we had a couple if utes that would be great.

We need 6 or 8 guys from around 4:30 until 6 pm this Friday (19/10).

Can you please email back if you can help (I’ll find out the actual address & let you know) & if you have any other queries please contact Nev on 0408 300 153 or

Cheers Ace

Footy Trip – Weekend of the 10-11th November 2012

G’day Fellow Dinos,

Please see attached the proposed “Footy Trip” with a run down and approx costings of the weekend.

Haousty has put a lot of work in to delivering a very thorough and what looks to be a very enjoyable weekend. We need to determine numbers ASAP so if you could RSVP with your intention of attendance we can finalise numbers and start booking all venues/facilities by this time next week.

Bare in mind the allocated cost per player is to be confirmed determine overall costings and it looks as though the club will assist in this area as we have some funds available and would like as many guys as possible there. Bill, Muzza & I will confirm this over the coming week, Afterall we are a social club at heart.

Get behind it boys… this is why we play footy, bring on the fun, frivolities and best of all the frothies!

Cheers, Ace
Click on the image below for more details.
Click here for details


This morning on Spirit 621, potential Dinosaur recruit for 2013 Dillo talks to our very own Dags Gittos about the Dinosuars on the biggest stage of them all.

Click on the 621 logo to listen to the audio

In late breaking news Dags told Dillo that he pulled a hammy @ Jurassic Park last night & he is a late withdrawal from the big game (I told Dags last night it couldn’t be a hammy as he doesn’t run quick enough to do one but it appears that somehow he’s defied medical science & done one!!)

In better news word has filtered through that PD has been able to get Sunday off & he’s right to play.


G’day Dino’s,

Heres the updated details for Sundays big game;

TRAINING TONIGHT: We’ll be having a light run down @ Jurassic Park tonight followed by a few “Energy Drinks” to ensure were in peak condition come Sunday. Talking to Coach Keech earlier, it sounds like everyones pretty excited about playing on the big stage and players have been coming out of the woodwork and we may have record numbers on the track tonight.

Coach Keech say he has “a couple of late nights ahead trying to fit everyone on my trusty whiteboard”

SUNDAY: The game will kick off @ 12:15 so lets all get there by 11:30. Jonah has seen the League President today and has obtained passes for all players.

Here’s the updated list of players and we have so far we have 27 confirmed to this point;

Jon Baggetta
Jamie Nani
Captain Muzza
Mick H
Big Dan
Mike G

Leroy (work)
Barbarian (Bris Vegas)
Keechey (washed up)
Pig (washed up)
Hally (washed up)
Sags (hammy)


Just heard a whisper sweeping the Footy world. Apparently coaches Keech & Hall were spotted in deep discussions with a potential new recruit late on Friday night after the lunch @ the VAT.

Apparently negotiations were at a crucial stage andy may have even stalled due to them all talking Swahili and not being able to understand each other.

If the talks can be resurrected the coaches are hopeful that he may line up for the Dinosaurs @ Hands Oval on Sunday.

The recruit wasn’t a bad player and used to play @ Centre Half Forward but Jonah has said he can play on a flank.