Footy Trip – Weekend of the 10-11th November 2012

G’day Fellow Dinos,

Please see attached the proposed “Footy Trip” with a run down and approx costings of the weekend.

Haousty has put a lot of work in to delivering a very thorough and what looks to be a very enjoyable weekend. We need to determine numbers ASAP so if you could RSVP with your intention of attendance we can finalise numbers and start booking all venues/facilities by this time next week.

Bare in mind the allocated cost per player is to be confirmed determine overall costings and it looks as though the club will assist in this area as we have some funds available and would like as many guys as possible there. Bill, Muzza & I will confirm this over the coming week, Afterall we are a social club at heart.

Get behind it boys… this is why we play footy, bring on the fun, frivolities and best of all the frothies!

Cheers, Ace
Click on the image below for more details.
Click here for details

Author: dinosprez

Mad Bomber supporter, washed up ex footballer from country Vic. Now having a kick in the Old Boys with the Dalyellup Dinosaurs Married to Anni with 3 kids, Charlee, Jack & Jaspa

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