Morning Boys, just want to add a little more in regards to the AGM.

I know from past AGM’s I’ve been involved with, you never get great numbers, so for those of you who can’t make it please see below;

We need people to put their hands up for the following portfolios (see roles & descriptions for next year below). Please let me know what suits you best;

1. Social Director (estimated time per week March thru Sept is 1hr)


a) Responsible for beer and ice (Condello’s or equivalent sponsor), sausages (pick up from DBC), bread + extras (supermarket) on Thursdays.

b) Responsible for booking restaurant for events ie Perth Carnival, End of Season dinner.

c) Game day function & prizes at game.

Members required (2)

2. Property Manager(estimated time per week March thru Sept is 1hr)


a) Game day materials at the ground – water bottles, first aid kit (fully stocked), clean jumpers.

b) New practice balls each year + new training equipment etc.


Members required (1)

3. Fines Master

Members required (1)

4. Sponsorship Director


Existing and new sponsor commitment, prizes for game day winners ie wine, etc.

Members required (2)

5. Special Events Committee

Variety day at Burly, other charity/promotional events, etc.

Members required (2 – 3)

Cheers, Ace


Author: dinosprez

Mad Bomber supporter, washed up ex footballer from country Vic. Now having a kick in the Old Boys with the Dalyellup Dinosaurs Married to Anni with 3 kids, Charlee, Jack & Jaspa

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