Grand Final Day Dance for the Dinos

The crowd swelled to a size not often seen at our games but we had a few high profile recruits who had been brought in as a bit of an experiment and it must have done the trick. The regular core of guys made up the majority of the 26 players and after a rev up from ‘the penguin with a frozen tongue who roared’, it was down to business. The structures had been run, the players instructed…how would they respond ? Like bloody champions, the boys awoke the T-Rex within! Playing a Collie Fossils side stacked with reserves players wanting to be part of their clubs big day, the Dinos ripped them to shreds in the opening stanza…a Cold Chisel quarter for Collie, ‘standing on the outside, looking in’.

Best: White, Kelly, Pears, Baskerville, Smith

Wharton Medal – David White

A proud Muzza Wharton with the innagural Wharton Medallist David White

Q1 4.3 vs 2.1
Q2 3.7 vs 1.2
Q3 2.2 vs 4.1
Q4 2.4 vs 2.1
Total 11.16 vs 9.5

Thanks to the Dinos for a Day – Jamie Nani, Hayden Smith, Johnno and Widdo.
Thanks to Hally, Parners,  for their coaching

Juice racked up the possessions early as is fast becoming his trademark and KP managed to put on the best kind of pressure, score board pressure, with 3 first half goals. Unfortunately he strutted off demanding more access to the ball ‘cos the crowd had come to see him and he was only just getting cranked up’ but the club has him on a couple of courses that will hopefully have an impact over the off season. Whitey was playing 30% defensive, 70% attacking off the familiar half back line and collected plenty of quality ball right through the day. The ever green Squares swung himself into the middle in the last quarter and had an immediate impact as the ball went forward and Ace got involved to kick our last 3 goals of the game.

There were plenty of little cameos..Jay got on the board, Haousty had a go at busting every tackle, Widdo subbed himself off after 90 secs, Hally leapt to action when all others were floundering and stretcher a Collie boy off the ground, Reever did a top impression of a Jack Russell on the sidelines, Sarrey got through unscathed despite attempting to smother at every opportunity.

A ripper day finished off with a few hours watching the other game in the grand stand with a few frothies.

Congratulations to the club for proving a battle ready unit…getting a side together, 2 months after our last game in sort time is a great indicator that the Dalyellup Dinosaurs are going to be around for a long time yet.


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The original and the best (Medallist)

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