Dinosaurs End of Season Players Trip 2012

Dinosaur means Terrible Lizard and as Scotty and The Pest arrived at 8am with a couple of cracked stubbies in hand and a bottle of champagne as backup, there was no doubt, that by the time the sun was high in the sky, there would be a few terrible lizards getting about.

Roll call: Cameron, McQueens, Wharton, Hall, Keech, Haoust, Sarre, Mangan, Simbas, Parnell, King (Wang), …Jones to be picked up later.

The beers had been prepared the evening before so as we pulled out from Jurassic Park, we knocked the top off a coldie, toasted to our good health and good fortune and pointed the bus towards the Donnybrook IGA to gather our supplies for the weekend.

By 10am be hit the Balingup Bowls Club where we grouped into teams for the inaugural Dinosaur Bowl Off. After a semi final and hard fought grand final, the dream team of Keech (capt), Wharton, Simbas and Mick (the driver) Waddo came out on top. Davey Haoust did a rain dance for the bowling club as a show of appreciation, we thanked the old diggers who officiated (ran beers and took photos) and it was off to meet Dwayne ‘The Amazing’ at the Balingup Pub.

The Balingup Pub did a very serviceable job with cold beer and 13 steak sandwiches, we got some photos with Dwayne, played some pool and as tradition dictated, Haoooousty did a rain dance as a show of appreciation for the pub and to celebrate the arrival of Shane Jones. We piled into the well appointed GO West bus and Waddo steamed towards our camp site.

On arrival to Bridgetown, a ticker tape parade had been organised with bands and everything so no wonder a few of the crew were emotional, some flat out excited. Waddo navigated his way through the Rwandan style camp site in a paddock to an area that looked Dinosaur ready. There is video evidence of this on the website and given the emotional state of the erectors, not a bad effort.

Next stop was a liquor store in the back suburbs of Bridgetown which our captain found with unerring ease to top the eskies up for later and then into the Blues Festival at about 4pm. With bands in every pub and marque set up along the main street of Bridgetown, it was hard to know where to go first but we had made a decision to stick together for as long as we could so Moon Dog J and then Mia Dyson got our attention early. The good news was that one by one each Dinosaur limped back to camp in some varying states of decay from 10pm-midnight, had a debrief and then braved the sub artic conditions in the tents. Haousty and Ace went without sleeping bags which means they must be related to Sir Douglas Mawson because if it wasn’t 0 degrees, it was close.

The next morning we loaded up on bacon, sausages and eggs cooked by Ace and Stewy, took the tents down and left the camp site a better place than when we found it. We were home by midday Sunday and all was well with the world.

A massive high five to Dave Haoust for the bus, the driver, the camping equipment, bbq and the dancing. Also, well done to Muzz for organising the bowling and tickets for the Blues Festival.

All in all, it was a great trip and although we were only away for less than 30 hours, it was a fitting way to end a fun year at JurassicPark.


Author: keecheyskorner

The original and the best (Medallist)

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