Keechys Korner – Busselton Iron Man

keechys-korner-header-trans-200x1941After being voted ‘most unpopular dinosaur’ in 2011, it would seem he doesn’t like himself either and entered the Busselton Tri event…3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42.2km run. Yep, you read it correctly..that’s swim around the Busso jetty, ride back to Perth and run halfway back to Mandurah…that hurt just writing it.

I had not seen the event before so was keen to have a look at why people travel all over the globe to punish themselves in this way. The time was 6.30am and with coffee in hand and one for Craig ‘I’m a man of my word, I’ll be there for Oggy’ Hall, I found a good spot to see our man come out of the drink.

After numerous text messages, it was clear that Craig was going to let himself, Oggy and all the Dinosaurs down with a no show but with all enigmas you take the good with the bad.

Due to the excitement and the pace of the race, the footage I gathered is short and patchy at best but it does two things…proves he actually went in the thing and with Simbad helping narrow his focus he did manage to find his bike and headed off for the 180km cycle. 

At time of writing I have been unable to contact Oggy so not sure if he died, finished or is still out there so the final chapter of this tale will have to wait till a cold day in winter around the fire, where after giving us the blow by blow description of the race, I am sure he will call us all lazy drop kicks and suggest we all need to take a good look at ourselves.


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