G’day fellow Dino’s, happy (almost Australia Day to you & your families)

Things are taking shape for the season ahead.

Hally is our new coach & Keechy his right hand man. They have big things planned & will shortly release training dates, programs etc to ensure we start the season as “lean, mean, fighting machines”!!

We have to get volunteers for the following positions, same people need to look after these positions all year (you can delegate if your busy but we need people to take ownership & ensure its done).

If we don’t find people to put their hand up, our Thursday nights will be very dry & not the same as they have been the last 2 years.

Keechy & Muzza have done most of this themselves the last 2 years but now it’s time for other to step up.

These are the jobs that we need filled;

Meat: Pick up snags from DBC in before 5pm each a Thursday and store them in a fridge

Bread: Go to Parks centre & pick up bread

Refreshments: Pick up beer and ice

I have no doubt we’ll find guys to put there and up to look after these important jobs so either email or call me on 0423 579 200 if you can help.

Cheers Ace


It is with great pleasure to announce our our new coach for the 2013 season, Craig Hall. Hally has a wealth of footy knowledge & experience & comes from a background in personal training, he’s at work planning our preseason. He’s having a battle with his back still, so his game time will be restricted to the sidelines for most of the year.

Even though he’s now the coach we can still expect to be an out & out pest again this year!

He will be ably assisted by another with injury problems, the one & only Billy “the medallist” Keech. Keechys been told by 2 doctors that he won’t play this year but I’ve sent him off to get 3rd & 4th opinions to see if he can make a comeback. We’ll all be looking for more of his great speeches, similar to the gold he produced on SW Grand Final day last year.

Word has it that Hally & Keechy have been out chasing new recruits for 2013.

Hally will be in touch with dates etc for preseason, which is not far away.


G’day Dinos I hope you & your family’s had a great Xmas & New Year

Time to start thinking about footy again & number 1 priority is a coach. A
couple of guys have expressed an interest in coaching this year but we wanted to put it out to the herd & see if others maybe interested as well.

If any of you (or someone you know) is interested applications close next Friday (18/01) & we’ll announce our new coaching panel by the following Friday.

Cheers, Ace