Morning fellow Dino’s,
After a long hot summer its time to get back into it. Coach Hall & his able assistant Keech held a planning session yesterday (over the bar at the Parks Centre I believe) & decided that training will kick off @ Jurassic Park on Thursday 21st @ 6:30.
If you know of any old or new guys wanting a run please let them know.
They’ve assured me it wont only be for around an hour & we’ll be eased back into it & then we’ll have a few refreshing drinks.
Dags & Reevesy, first week of your new jobs so we’ll need you guys to get the BBQ items & drinks (if you cant can you just organise someone else to do it for the night)


A few Dino’s have mentioned that they’re getting itchy feet & are keen to start having a run. As the draw still hasn’t been announced & its still pretty early Hally hasn’t set an actual start date for training as yet but will do so shortly.

So for those of you who are keen you are more welcome to organise a run on your own & maybe even a soothing ale later. If you need keys for Jurassic Park, I have a set so does Mike Grieve.

Last year we held a game Vs Carey Park Old Boys & the date for this years game is March 9th. It was a great day last year & will be even bigger this year. Could everyone let me know if think they’ll be available to play as we want to ensure we have good numbers