Morning fellow Dino’s,
After a long hot summer its time to get back into it. Coach Hall & his able assistant Keech held a planning session yesterday (over the bar at the Parks Centre I believe) & decided that training will kick off @ Jurassic Park on Thursday 21st @ 6:30.
If you know of any old or new guys wanting a run please let them know.
They’ve assured me it wont only be for around an hour & we’ll be eased back into it & then we’ll have a few refreshing drinks.
Dags & Reevesy, first week of your new jobs so we’ll need you guys to get the BBQ items & drinks (if you cant can you just organise someone else to do it for the night)

Author: dinosprez

Mad Bomber supporter, washed up ex footballer from country Vic. Now having a kick in the Old Boys with the Dalyellup Dinosaurs Married to Anni with 3 kids, Charlee, Jack & Jaspa

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