Well, the biggest night in Dinosaur history since Haousty released his CCTV footage revealing substandard quality images (clearly not a Southern Lock installation…$2 fine) of a raid on Go West’s HQ by ‘terrorists’ in 2012, had arrived.

The bus was generously donated by Hertz/Go West ($2 fine withdrawn) and left Jurassic Park for the bright lights of Perth at 4pm on Saturday arvo. A finer decked out bunch of Dinos has rarely been assembled with ties and dinner jackets the order of the evening. Participants were : Murray Wharton (Capt), Andy Cameron (Pres), Andrew King (Finesmaster), Bill Keech (Assistant Coach), Jamie Reeves (Assistant Bus Driver), Brett Moulton (Bus Driver), Dan Mangan (Security), and the McQueen boys (Club Figureheads).

After being mistaken for a group of Jehovah Witnesses on Hay St while restocking the esky for the way home (premeditated binge drinking has always been a strength), we hit more trouble on arriving to the ground and were initially denied entry. Ace did a wonderful, ‘don’t you know who you are talking to’ speech and we were ushered into a VIP parking spot.

Entering the stadium through gate 5 and walking into pre-dinner drinks, we knew we were in for a spectacular evening and from that moment until when we staggered out, it was obvious that The Dalyellup Dinosaurs had arrived in AFL Masters footy. The food was spot on and channel 10 sports journo, Lachy Reid did a very good job of moving things along. There were some very emotional speeches, one in particular given by the son of one of the recently past and inducted Hall of Fame-ers had everyone reaching for a serviette that didn’t have red wine spilt all over it (table cloth was our only option by this point of the night). Ace held his own on the podium as expected and he spoke about his love of the club and its members ($2 man love fine usually fitting but given he was speaking to 300+ people, he could consider $5 is being generous), dragged Muzz up for some details around the charitable stuff, they held the trophy high and we all congratulated ourselves on being good blokes.

We danced our way out of the building just after midnight with Mangan Style and Harlem Shakes, hit the bus for a few more brews and before long, found our way back to Jurassic Park.

Congratulations fellas on being part of the club voted, ‘2012 Country Club of the Year’ and given the quality of the evening, I would encourage all to attend the night next year.




Author: keecheyskorner

The original and the best (Medallist)

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