Our football club was presented with Country Club of 2013 and a very big part of that honour was down to the work The Dalyellup Dinosaurs Footy Club did for The Variety Club (www.variety.org.au). Have a quick look at what the charity gets involved with and if you are interested in helping at this years event/s or interested in putting on a fund raising exercise, please let Andy or Muzz know.

The idea of the Car Cruise is to have some fun while seeing how some of the funds raised were spent and meeting some interesting people who are also raising some dough for those less fortunate than ourselves. It can be viewed in a bit more detail at http://www.variety.org.au/wa/events/variety-creative-car-cruise/

DDFC – The story of a little car that could….barely get over the line (car fine, occupants in need of a lube and oil after 3 days of ‘cruising’)

Car 68 (FRAN) pilots:

Murray Wharton

Craig Hall

Ben Johnson

Bill Keech

Scott Sarre (Super Sunday Sub)


Friday 22nd March

5am wake up, pick Steven Wells up in Dardanup and make way to Chateau Wharton then off to get the very excitable Coach Hall.

Craigs txt message sums his/our enthusiasm for the weekend ahead quite nicely.

“👴+👱+👨+👦+🚗= 🍻🎉 and quite possibly 🚓🚒🚑 … Woohoo pick me up bitches! – insert cars and smiley faces”

A short drive to Armadale to Gwynne Park Primary school saw the Variety Club present an $80,000 bus which given the area the school is in will be graffitied within a week but was very welcomed by the staff and kids. There were 26 cars on the cruise, two from Bunbury and the rest from Perth and having them lined up on the oval was a great site…how none of them where hot wired and nicked is still a mystery to all.

With Captain Muzz at the wheel and Gunja doing the navigating, it was down to Hall and Keech to keep the fluids up for all of us and by the time we hit the Wheatbelt, the grain crops weren’t the only things that looked like they’d been run over by a Massey Ferguson. Our lunch stop was at Darkan PS and time for Muzz to reacquaint himself with an old flame who happened to be the deputy headmaster (cue Gone with the Wind music) and hand the driving duties over to Gunj. Craig assumed the position of navigator so it should be no surprise that a precession of great little pubs like Boyup Brook were visited on our way to a great evening at Bridgetown where we where presented with a magnetic sticker that said we were a ‘top 5 car’ for our fund raising.


Saturday 23rd March

As Craig retrieved a cigi lighter from his boxers at breakfast (a bit was obviously left out from the night before), the non drivers in the car busied themselves with replenishing the body and having a laugh about the night before. It was then off on a lazy driving day to Manjimup, Pemberton, Karridale and eventually Margaret River. Fran had had a wheel issue in the wheatbelt and Muzz had her a new shoe ferried out to Bridgetown…we were about to thank our lucky stars that he did as a kid on a bike road out of the forest and into our path between Karridale and Margaret River. When the screeching of tyres and the smoke had cleared, nobody was hurt but it was a very near thing and we all felt very lucky to not have added to the road toll. The night was spent watching the Dockers weigh anchor against the Weagles and at the pub where Muzz arm wrestled a Robert Plant look alike called Lisa.


Sunday 24th March

We drove back to Bunbury after a great breaky put on by the Australian Underwater Hockey team, via a great lunch of oysters and prawns at Meelup bay and a few drinks at Chateau Wharton. The gala night at the Sanctuary was hosted by an Austin Powers in personator and saw us dressed up as dodgy looking ghost busters (Scotty as our ghost) and with just enough juice in the tank, we cranked it over for another big night which culminated in car 68 being awarded ‘Number 1 fund raiser’ on the cruise for the second year in a row.


Monday 25th March

A quick trip to College Row school for breaky where 25 severely handicapped kids where presented with the funds for a $46,000 roof over their playground saw the end of the cruise for car 68. These kids reminded everyone just how hard life is for some of our most unfortunate.



A magnificent trip, very well organised by Variety and plenty of fun for all the participants. There is a rumour doing the rounds about a second Dinosaur car entering next years event which would most definitely put the cats amongst the pigeons.

Gangsters in Bridgetown Gunja takes a breather Meelup in style P is for Pest Preview to the cruise Rub a chinaman for luck sarrey subs in for the pest Wheatbelt pub Pub in the hills Pemberton line up Murray takes on an English rose in Margs Karridale pub Car 68 crowned # 1 Bunbury boys on the cruise Boyup Brook Pub Bonding in the wheatbelt 80K Bus to an Armadale school


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