The Country carnival is almost upon us again & this year it’s back in Busselton.
This was the scene of Sarrey’s famous (his words) goal that he kicked from behind the first row of cars 2 years ago
It’s on Sunday week, June 2nd & we’ve just received the draw for the day.
If you haven’t already can you let Hally know if your available to play.
Its a great day for all the family, so bring you wife & kids & make a day of it.
Our change rooms for the day are the “Junior Shed”
  • GAME 1: Vs Eastern Hills Cats, 10:40am (Oval 2)
  • GAME 2: Vs Warnbro Swans, 12:00pm (Oval 2)
  • GAME 3: Vs Rockingham Rams, 2:40pm (Main Oval)
We also need to provide umpires for the following 3 games throughout the day (not our games), so we need volunteers please.
  • GAME 1: 10:00am (Oval 2)
  • GAME 2: 12:40pm (Oval 2)
  • GAME 3: 2:00pm (Oval 2)


As far as blockbusters go, they don’t come any bigger than last Saturday. The game between Dalyellup and Collie was not only a replay of last years SW League grand final curtain raiser but also the first game ever at Jurassic Park. The crowd started to build half and hour before the game and peaked at about 33 just before the bounce, the occasion was set and it was now down to who wanted it more.

Our former Prez, Nev Welsh had promised a girls game as the curtain raiser for this game so the boys were down nice and early to water the centre wicket and watch the mud wrestling. When they didn’t turn up, Miller grabbed his line marking gear and with Nev, painted up and prepared the oval….complete with 50m arcs….great job boys!!

We loaded up the Pav with food and drinks, christened the new change rooms and before we knew it umpire Hutton had blown the whistle and we were off to the races. Early in the first quarter we knew Collie had come to play and with the assistance of a nice breeze, we changed ends slightly in front. Ace kept us in the game in the second quarter kicking a few, Grievesy was giving his best Dino career performance in the middle, and Badge/Juice launched at goal from 50 a few times… the Collie backline held firm on the last line to deny us the lead at half time by just a kick. The coach remained calm and moved his board around….Fantasia forward, Simbas to a wing, Rose to the centre, Jones remaining at CHB. Ace continued to kick them with the wind and going into the last, there was nothing in it. Coach Hall called in the family for his big move and slotted Jonah back into half fwd, Corey Hunter took offence to bit of elbow action and in the end, the Fossils were too good for the Dinos and ran out the game 2 goals the better.

Best: Grieves, Cameron, Kelly, Baskerville, Conforti

Notables: Nice to see a couple of Dino legends in Nico and Wang down at the game.

The night started a bit bumpy with the soccer club unhappy about two packets of their frozen chips making way for our gear in the fridges at the Pav. With that clash of the codes sorted it was down to the serious business of feeding and watering the troops and families. Kev grabbed the deep fryer and should be known as Chippy after his magnificent affinity for dipping potato in fat…he ripped through over half a doz packets and when I brought the ice cream out for the kids, he bagged it cos he thought it might eat into his chippy sales. Due to a hiccup in the kitchen (no female presence), none of the salads made it out of the kitchen which did not seem to upset too many in the hospital ward room or the wind tunnel. Big Dags/T-Pod/Wanganeen Gittos was the star of the Pav on the night supplying the drinks, tunes and doing a deal with Eagle Boys for the pizzas….he’s also doing an apprenticeship under Ace as a forward pocket so feel free to pass him the left handed screw driver. Ta to Tony (The Fos) McQueen for doing the run to Eagle Boys.

Summary of the day:

Look, in all honesty, it was a solid effort on the track but not our best. We most definitely need to stay competitive for longer if we want to get a win on the board….the competition has obviously stepped up this year. Each of the first three games have had a common thread and that is fitness or our lack of it to compete over the 4 quarters. The coaching team will be putting a supplement program in place to give us a better chance in the remaining 10 games (6 x carnivals + 4 regular) of the year.

The Pavilion made a nice change from entertaining away from home on home games but there are some issues with the joint. Organising heating, lighting, and a kitchen with appliances that work will be sorted before our 2nd home game. All suggestions are welcome to make our next show a little slicker.


Good afternoon all,
Well the day is finally upon us & this Saturday we’ll finally play a home game.
The Fossils will be arriving by bus at 3.00 & we’ll kick off at 3.30
The new pavilion will be open so we can use the change rooms & then have our after match function there.
Last game we played we seemed to have half our team in Bali, but most are back (except for Captain Muzza who’s over there now) so Coaches Hall & Keech may have a few long hours in front of the magnetic board.
Miller has volunteered to mark out the ground and him & Leroy will be the umpires for the day.
Keechy & his helpers have organised a feed for after the game & also the drinks.
So please bring your families down for the day & lets make it a success.