GAME DAY REPORT – Dinos vs Ducks 29-6-13

Our version of Cam Sutherland, Nev ‘the bristle’ Welsh had prepared the ground with padding for the goals and opened up the pav and shed. The sun was out and the birds chirping in the trees…is was not good weather for ducks. The menu read, Schezwan Duck and the Dinos were hungry for their first win of the season…..Mangan Style was on the clock and BBQ and it was a matter of time before we’d be singing the song for the first time on Jurassic Park.

The boys rolled up to the news of big outs like Conforti, Fanta, Gray, Pears, Owens, Hunter, Simbas (half), Doolz finger was cactus, Hutton needed a digit lopped off after a vicious spoil by Sarre, Grieve, Heals was still bogged up north, Oggy came without his contact lenses……. a touch of anxiety gripped the group but we were buoyed by the late inclusions of Haines, Curtis and Parnell. Then things started going a little against us. The late in’s signed a temporary visa and joined the Ducks in their yellow and black jumper and must have made a pact together because they shore did make a statement to the coach.

Reever sacrificed himself to the greater good and donned the yellow vest for umpire duties and enlisted one of the 14yr old twin towers to assisted our man in his pursuit of referee glory which means not being noticed which goes against every fibre of his being but as he’s always saying, he’ll try anything once so with a whistle in hand he threw the ball up.

As the game started, the magnetic board looked right but as we were to realise late in the first quarter as our backline got opened up like a Hally stink bomb on an end of season Dino trip, it did not match with who was actually playing (which is a disappointing from a player initiative point of view and a little embarrassing at best from a coaching angle). With one man down we finished the first quarter a few goals behind and with some work to do. The second quarter was a bit of an arm wrestle with Sarrey winning 90% of taps and PD and Hutts providing good rebounding. The Ducks put on a bit of a show in the 3rd quarter with Parners, The Haines Train and Blackhawk all proving they should always wear the tangerine (‘Holding my balls’ call from Hainesy in a Juice tackle was a highlight). The Dinos won the last quarter with an improved extraction rate from the centre with the hard working Juice proving some drive and our sharp shooters in Jonah and Ace hitting the score board.

Although we didn’t win, it was one of the better skilled games we have played in during our clubs short history. They had some hard runners and we couldn’t over come that with a more efficient kicking game so we have some work to do in both fitness and method if we want to match it with Dunsborough next time. The spirit the game was played in and the general vibe with the Dunsborough boys was also first class.

The after game efforts were outstanding. Reever, Mangers, Tash and Mick Hoggan in the kitchen, Muzz getting the drinks and burgers, Reever getting the food, Gitts organising the Eagle Boys pizza and Nev making sure the place was presentable by sweeping and mopping the pav at the end.

Congratulations to all for a top day.

Author: keecheyskorner

The original and the best (Medallist)

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