A very successful AGM was held @ Jurassic Park last night with over 30 Dino’s in attendance. See details below;

Committee Members for season 2014   Initial meeting Wed 4th Dec 6pm-7pm (first Wednesday in the month) at the Keech Res. Below crew, please put that date and time into your diary.  

Prez – Bill Keech Liaise with Masters league and other clubs and communicate necessaries to the Dinos. Presentations at training, games, carnivals and dinners.  

Vice Prez – Kevin Pears This role will be to copied in on everything Presidential and be called apon in the absence of the Prez   Treasurer – Steve Baskerville Setting the budget. Monitoring and transferring monies in and out of the Dinosaur account.  

Secretary – Dags Gittos Minutes at meetings   Coach – Lee Hutton Training and game day agenda  

Assistant Coach – Ben Johnson Back up for training and game day coaching  

Captain – Murrington Wharton Business as usual  

Sponsorship Directors – Murray, Scott Sarre, Dags Gittos Meeting the annual revenue budget set by the treasurer  

Media Director – Justin and Shona Fantasia with Bill Keech doing reports Game day pics + interviews  

Transport Minister – Dave Haoust Providing buses at will  

Social Director – Shane Jones Organise Perth Carnival accommodation and dinner, end of season dinner and end of season trip  

Game Day Directors – Dan Mangan and Mick Hoggan Training and home game purchase of drinks and food (depositing from the till to the bank account as funds build up with and eye on what social events are coming up)  

Fines Master – Craig Hall and Chris Simbas Combing the social pages for fine-able offences and holding court at training  

Property Steward – Mike Grieve Set up oval and changerooms (jumpers, first aid, water bottles, ..) and organise umpires for home games   Note: If there is anyone who was not there last night who would like to do something, please let me know as most positions are best shared.  


Ace’s Farewell tomorrow (thurs at the shed at 7.30) + AGM


Anyone involved our first 3 yrs, please do your best to drop into the shed tomorrow night (even if just briefly to just slap Ace on the back for a job well done) and participate in the AGM which will kick off at 7.30pm sharp and then it will be all about Ace.

New Positions – all are up for nomination so have a think for each one on who you think is cherry ripe in 2014 for the various roles:

Prez – connection between the club and the league and the club and other clubs and organise presentations.
Vice Prez – back up if the Prez is snowed or absent
Capt – our leader on the track
Coach – training and game day
Assistant Coaches – backup for training or game day
Media Director – capture pics of games, team photos, newspaper exposure and game reports
Transport Minister – provision of transport on away games + functions
Social Director – main trips and dinners
Home game Day Social Director – food and drinks
Training Night Steward – food and drinks
Fines Master – end of training fines
Bazz’s Wheel Spinner – someone that looks like Baz if not Baz to organise raffles
Property Steward – first aid, jumpers and water bottles on bus (or in change rooms at Jurassic Park) and back in shed
Sponsorship Directors – contact companies and get their media for advertising, organise Sponsors Day at one of the games




Morning all for your info the date has been set for our end of season trip. Sari has been done all the groundwork & organised it all for us. Well done big Fella.

Details are listed below;

WHEN: Depart Bunbury 2pm on Friday 1st November

WHERE: Walpole

AGENDA: Friday – Bus trip down to Walpole
Saturday – Breakfast @ Walpole Country Club followed by Lawn Bowls & Golf

ACCOMMODATION: Royal Walpole Hotel

RETURN: Depart Walpole Sunday morning


RSVP: please email Sari

He needs numbers ASAP so please email Sari ASAP as we need to organise numbersWalpole GC

Walpole 2