Ace’s Farewell tomorrow (thurs at the shed at 7.30) + AGM


Anyone involved our first 3 yrs, please do your best to drop into the shed tomorrow night (even if just briefly to just slap Ace on the back for a job well done) and participate in the AGM which will kick off at 7.30pm sharp and then it will be all about Ace.

New Positions – all are up for nomination so have a think for each one on who you think is cherry ripe in 2014 for the various roles:

Prez – connection between the club and the league and the club and other clubs and organise presentations.
Vice Prez – back up if the Prez is snowed or absent
Capt – our leader on the track
Coach – training and game day
Assistant Coaches – backup for training or game day
Media Director – capture pics of games, team photos, newspaper exposure and game reports
Transport Minister – provision of transport on away games + functions
Social Director – main trips and dinners
Home game Day Social Director – food and drinks
Training Night Steward – food and drinks
Fines Master – end of training fines
Bazz’s Wheel Spinner – someone that looks like Baz if not Baz to organise raffles
Property Steward – first aid, jumpers and water bottles on bus (or in change rooms at Jurassic Park) and back in shed
Sponsorship Directors – contact companies and get their media for advertising, organise Sponsors Day at one of the games


Author: keecheyskorner

The original and the best (Medallist)

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