Dinosaurs End of Season Trip – Walpole 2013

The Presidents 11 : Steve Baskerville, Craig Hall, Luke Conforti, Chris Simbas, Mike Kelly, Scott Sarre, Shane Jones, Nic Ogden, Murray Wharton, Andrew King and Bill Keech.

This tour was written and authorised by Scott Sarre, a man with Walpole roots. Scott did a magnificent job of creating two nights away that photographed like something out of the Hangover series of movies.

The Go West bus kicked off from The Parks at midday on Fri 1st Nov and headed south through the magnificent forests towards the Valley of the Giants and Walpole’s Nornalup Inlet. Along the way we ran into Rosco McGlashan’s Aussie Invader which set the scene for a high octane evening. After numerous relief stops (even with Scotty driving) which saw the wheel checked on each stop and a shooter consumed by some lucky punter, we arrived at the Walpole Hotel and immediately had a ceremonial pony under the whale dick (4 meter whale penis above the main bar [insert Reever joke here]).



Brian Sarre arrived in a green army Jeep straight out of Mash and each member of the touring 11 took turns in paying their respects to the papal father of WA full backs. We met a critical member of staff, Mark the head barman and the owner’s son Damian who handed out the keys to our 5 penthouse suites with views of the other penthouses. We dined in the hotel’s restaurant that first night and the general consensus was, ‘sensational’ with steaks and reef & beef dishes complimented with a few nice bottles of red ned…as Jamie Oliver would say, “Happy Days!!”.

From this point onwards, things get a little ambiguous…Squares had arrived in town so the Carey Park kids headed to his house like a lamb looks for its mothers teat. A couple of large performers for the night were Jonah who stared by all accounts on this favoured vocals/percussions, Hally and Simba danced the night away on the bar, and Sarrey and Bask stood watch over everyone all night.

Night 1 : 3 votes C. Hall, 2 votes S. Sarre, 1 vote S Baskerville…honourables to S. Jones

Saturday morning was initially 2 hours of piecing the night together with photos and tales, a quick kick of the footy and we were off to The Royal and Ancient Walpole Golf Club. The ladies at the club were waiting for us with a cooked breaky that got smashed as hard as a few of the boys the night before, all enjoyed looking over one of the best views from a clubhouse going around.

We were organised into groups of 2s and 3s and played an ambrose competition for the coverted Dino Cup. The leading vote getters from the night before were found wanting with Sarrey getting swooped by maggies and Hally launching his clubs into lakes and trees. Mean while Basky and Jonah were holding their groups together in a great show of being able to play under duress and Oggy was showing everyone how it is done. Eventually the talent laden team of King, Jones and Kelly won out by a single shot.

The CWA was not finished with us and on arrival back to the club house, it was very welcome steak and salad. The bar was opened for us and we chilled in the sun with a few beers, watched some bowls and compared notes for the night ahead with some stating that they were committed to finishing what they had started the night before….oh dear.

On getting back to the pub the syndicate of Keech, Baskerville (on reflection, this boy was in everything), Conforti and Simbas put together a betting run the likes the pub has not seen. $48 down over 4 races for a $60 collect…we were in beer for 5 minutes. Mean while the pool table had caught fire with Juice sinking them from all angles and doing some impressive celebrations before the balls had dropped. We had a quick dinner in the restaurant again and settled into the front bar for a final run at the line.

Kingy has been slowing building all tour and tonight he took off like a rocket while the steady hand on the wheel, Murrington Wharton found a man doing push ups on the bar and invited him back to his room which made for a few laughs. Sarrey watched his old boy walk out of the pub and immediately hit the wall..’that’s it, i’m out’ was his call and he hit the hay after a very solid hitout…somehow the Basky train rolled on.

Night 2 : 3 votes C. Hall, 2 votes A. King, 1 vote M. Wharton…honourables to C. Simbas    

On the bus home we discussed next years trip and came up with Rottnest Is which should provide all mater of chaos. A big thanks to our wives and kids for doing the necessaries to make this trip away possible. Men’s mental health in Australia is in decline and these ‘back to nature’ tours are like a car’s annual full service which sees us all come home with a little more air in the tyres and friendships built.

Well done boys on a safe trip away with plenty of belly laughs. Look out Rotto, here come the Dinos,