Dino Committee meeting 3rd Dec 2013 # 1


A high altitude meeting was held in the Ferguson valley on Dec 3rd 2013 to lay the foundations for next year.

1st Commitee Meeting 03a

Present: Keech, Pears, Wharton, Johnson, Fantasia,
Gittos, Grieve, Mangan, Hutton, Moulton

1st Commitee Meeting 04

Apologies: Baskerville, Jones, Hall, Haoust, Simbas, Sarre

Key points from meeting:

1. We need some early fund raising in the form of:
a)      Bladder Buster in February – $20 ticket x 200 tickets – $2000 profit
b)      Raffle for Bali holiday in March – $xxx tickets x xxx tickets – $xxx profit
c)      Bunnings sausage sizzle in March – $1500 profit
d)      Subs in by game one ($150 x 30 players) – $4500 profit
e)      10 sponsors committed and paid by first game ($xxx x xx) – $xxx

$ xxxx in bank by start of first game…

Note: we will continue with subs, extra sponsors, JV with country carnival hosts, show at one home game (estimated additional $10,000 for year)

[Murray Wharton, Scott Sarre, Darren Gittos]

2. Training night’s drinks and food will be run by the Dan Mangan/Mick Hoggan (collection of monies at end of night and purchase of the drinks/food/ice). Brett ‘Doolz’ Moulton will act as default barman initially and a roster made up for each week once we get in the swing. Dan and Mick to be supplied keys to the shed and the till.

[Dan Mangan, Mick Hoggan]

3. Sponsors Day – Organised around a May home game

[Murray Wharton, Scott Sarre, Darren Gittos]

4. Improvements to the shed – look at options around extending what we have or moving to a new spot around the oval somewhere. These options will be explore between the Capel Shire, Dalyellup College and Lutheren School. These improvements will take the form of a bizzy bee during the off season as we did in 2011 when we constructed the shed and paving.

[Bill Keech]

5. The Media Centre run by Justin and Shona Fantasia will bring back Dino TV in a big way in 2014 so make the most of any media training offered around the fire after training each Thursday.

Note: A permission form will be sent out to each Dino to allow pics of your family to be placed on dalyellupdinosaurs.com

[Fantasias, Gittos to supply video camera]

6. The Property Department will spend approx $400 on basics for first aid kit (players supply own strapping), investigate minimum orders for different sized polos/jumpers (short and long) before the start of next year.

[Mike Grieve]

7. Football department – a) Training will occur in 2014 occasionally away from Jurassic Park with Doolz (Donnybrook – new kitchen) and Hutto (Boyanup) as likely alternatives. b) Pre-season will start approx mid Feb, c) mid year scratch match to be played at Georgian Molloy (Dean Owens).

[Doolz, Hutts, Deano]

8. Fixturing – focus will be on working with the league to achieve a home/away/home schedule and a preseason trip to the wheatbelt.

[Bill Keech]

9. Budget to be constructed and presented to the sponsorship and social committees and targets drawn up.

[Bill Keech and Steve Baskerville]

Summary: It was a productive meeting and will set the base for a productive committee and a fun year ahead. If there are any issues you’d like to see addressed and not mentioned, please let me know.


1st Commitee Meeting 07

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