Xmas in the park Sat 8th Dec at the Dalyellup South Oval.

A small but intimate group gathered to celebrate the festive season on Sat 3rd Dec at the Dalyellup South Oval.IMAG1762Present : Darren ‘Santa’ Gittos, Dan ‘Elf Stewart’ and Angela Mangan + kids,Mike and Kiralee Grieve + kids, Andrew and Janelle King + kids,Luke and Nat Conforti + kid + bub, Dave and Naomi Haoust + kids,Justin and Shona Fantasia + kids, Bill and Terri Keech + kids and Coach Hutton.


After a few drinks and bit of lunch, Santa Gittos and his little helper Dan arrived with a big bag of toys for the dino-mites.

IMAG1759 IMAG1777

After the big fella had taken off it was down to the serious business of carting Dave Haoust’s little dibbly dobblies all over theIMAG1798 show in park cricket.

When that got a bit predictable, we tuned into the Aussies thumping the Poms at Adelaide oval on the radio and played a bit of boules (Haousty dominating this with his unique wrist action coming to the fore).

The peppermint trees provided some welcome shade for the girls to kick back on the deck chairs under and have their boys ferry them drinks for as long as the drinks lasted.


All in all it was a very enjoyable day and we were all packed up and out of there by 3pm.

Until next year crew,


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