First training night tonight

Hi Fellas,

First training night tonight

Would be great to get a good turn out for our first preseason session on Thurs so come down and introduce yourself to the new coach.

Start 6.30pm Thurs 13th Feb Koombana Bay.

Even if you think you are not ready to train, get down for a swim, sausage and a beer (esky and BBQ cranking around 7.30pm).

Subs for 2014

We have bills rolling in (rego, insurance, first aid kit, sponsoring commitments, ….) so would like everyone to get their subs ($150) as soon as possible. To that end, we will have the EFT machine humming away on Thurs so please bring cash, savings or credit cards down to Koombana Bay.

Biggest Preseason Loser

A set of scales will be present, jump on and get started on washing the shame of a long thirsty summer off…..hey, we won the bloody Ashes, why wouldn’t you be celebrating a little too hard?!!

At the end of the preseason, the 3 biggest losers will be exempt from paying for beers at the bar for the first 3 weeks of training. Sorry Jay, we cant do this retrospectively as you’d take out 1st, 2nd and 3rd and after your free drinking sessions, start looking more like the old Jay pre the cult of Xfit.

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