Dinos Pre-season Kicks Off In Style


Brilliant night! Well done Hutto and Manga on the best kick off we have had in our short history….no question. We even had the Fanta-razzi on hand to capture the journey…Dinos 2014 doco to be released early October.

Hard to believe we are the same crew that wandered down a thousand moons ago to the day, to rediscover the pig skin at the then un-named Jurassic Park….and there was no more shining example than our Capt, Murrington Wharton (the gentleman welder). Murray ‘The Stair Master’ Wharton made Bunbury’s answer to Jacobs ladder look like a joke. For those who have not seen him for a while, be prepared, he’s loaded up on Herbalife (potential sponsor there Muzz) shakes over the summer and is now half the man he used to be…elbows still sharp as ever.

Josh Milordis (mate of Juices) and Neil “Nobba” Morrris (Mangan connection) came down for a look and if their clearances come through from their old clubs (if their still running cos its been a while), they will be Dinosaurs. Both are moderately religious and come from inter-racial families so please have your sensibilities on around them. Please shout them a beer when you have the chance.

One sad omission was our only paid player, The Blanket. He was busy as the photo indicates. The Blanket 01

Now, before anyone gets up and about regarding double standards etc…David is on a good lick to perform in the big games, not slog it out like the mere mortals at the height of summer. Getting the Minister for Transport to a preseason session would be akin to Whitey rolling down before May and we all know the chances of that.

The Biggest Loser was a disgrace with the scales being as reliable as Kingy sticking to a half back flank….my apologies there but I don’t think there was a big appetite (ha ha) for it anyway.

For those that did not throw into the till (it was hidden in a bag next to the esky), please make up the funds next week ($3 beers, $1 snags).

Given the run + swim went so well with the heat, there was a bit of talk about staying away from Jurassic Park for a few weeks longer and would be interested to hear what you all think about that.

Location for next week to be announced…….


Pics to follow – Dinorazzi

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