AFL Masters Country Carnival 2014

Hi All,

The South West Country Carnival is a great event that attracts both Country and Metropolitan Teams. Held on the long weekend it makes for a great road trip for those clubs that attend.

Keechy has won the contract for The Dinos to host this years carnival which is to be held on the WA Day long weekend –

Sunday 1st June 2014.Country Carnival Capture

We have sent this invite out to all registered WA AFL masters footy teams.——->

Now it is time to call on all volunteers to make this day one to remember. Anyone who is associated to the club is asked to pitch in and help as any amount of help would be very much appreciated.

For the organising of the carnival we need to get the wive’s / partners / sisters / brothers / neighbors to really band together.

Friendships will be made from working together as a team and there is also a chance to make some real money for the club which will bear fruit for the future of the Dinosaurs.

Jenelle Holland ( Mrs Dino King) has kindly volunteered and has been speaking to Muz about getting the wives/partners all together to arrange as many helpers as possible to help out for the carnival weekend.
Jenelle is happy to take charge and get the show on the road.

Jenelle has asked for anyone who can to help out to pm her on Facebook or contact her via email at:

Once we have numbers and names of people happy to help we can do up a roster to accommodate having someone where and when they are needed throughout the carnival.

Thank you

Fanta / Dinorazzi


Game 2 vs The Sharks at Hands Oval, 12-April 2014



For the first time, the Welsh Piggot shield is in Sharks hands ;-). A well constructed 2 goal win by the battle harden Sharks after completing 3 games in the first two weeks of the year will see them etched onto the shield as victors.


A beautiful 25-30 degree day wDSC_0560ith a slight northerly blowing greeted us at Hands Oval. The siren sounded to end the reserves preseason grand final and it was The Masters turn to light up the big stage. No need to warm up as Muzza’s forehead indicated with beads of sweat already creating a pattern like the stromatolites on the sea floor at Shark Bay (geo geek sneaking out, my apols). A quick end to end, Hutto showed everyone where we were playing which included some surprise moves designed to run the potentially leg weary Sharks off their legs and we were ready to go.


The Sharks had recruited well in the off season and boasted 4 to 5 newbies. These newDSC_0449 Sharks got some early ball and we started to see why they had given Collie a lesson in the first game and had the confidence to go to the Wongan Hills carnival the following week and acquit themselves well. Anyway, enough about them i hear you say…what about the boys from the Country Club of the year 2012 and 2013 ?


Juice, Miller, Corey and The Blanket were the starting engine room and were up for the fight. Haousty used the rocket fuel that was still slopping around in his guts from Friday night to make the square his own with half a doz possessions and in particular a nice link up and goal with the other half of the HA HA duo in The Pest. The heat was telling and there were a few relieved souls when the siren blew to signal the finish of Q1. Gunja had a some encouraging words as the voice was good on the ground but we needed to clean up the kicking efficiency and man up those floating into the forward half so that was the focus for the next quarter. The Sharks kicked 2 goals in a row to start Q2 so it started to look like this was not going to be our day. To the boys credit the 2nd half of the quarter and Q3 was a narrow win to the Dinos with Muzza carrying on from his pewter mug winning form in the first game, Juice and Mill mopping up the loose ball, Jonah providing a target, PD proving he can play anywhere down the spine and Hally showing it would take more than a being bitten by one of our deadliest spiders (Reddy) that morning to keep him away from the contest (I am told his arm, at the time of writing, looks like a watermelon so, big up for commitment). The last quarter was a bit of a let down as the Sharks won the quarter and the game. Hutto let us know that the support for each other in the final quarter was below an acceptable prehistoric standard and something to work on for the games ahead.

DSC_0438     DSC_0559



BOT awards: PD, Gunja, Hally, and The Medallist (pays to stick around for the presos)






A quick beer with the Sharks in the rooms, a shower (perspex dividers supporting a puppet show or three), the presos, few beers and watching the league preseason grand final made for a top afternoon.



A big thanks to Leon for the rub downs before the game again,  Junior Fanta / Reever / Griever kids for running water and the supporters who came to watch. Our next game is vs Margs for our first game on the hallowed turf of Jurassic Park so let’s train like demons and be ready as we had a very close game last year against them.


The first international delegation of Dinosaurs takes off to China today (Wharton, Hall, Haoust, Keech). We will be wearing the dino shirts while at a big trade fair for the first couple of days so should have a bit of content for the website by weeks end and expect to recruit a few nippy rovers for 2015 and support staff for Leon.



Game two (Welsh-Piggot shield) this Sat 12th April vs The Sharks at Hands Oval


Game two (Welsh-Piggot shield) is looming….this Sat (12th April) vs The Sharks at Hands Oval @ 2.30pm.

The SW League preseason grand final will be our curtain raiser this week (step up from Eaton Boomers league side last game…at this rate, we will forfeit our home ground next game for a birth on Pattersons)….preseason grandy starts around midday.

Please let Hutto know if you are playing or not via email/txt (his number is 0422114174)



Game 1 – 29th March 2014 vs Eaton at Boyanup Oval – Match Review


In misty rain, the bus with only a hand full of Dino’s on board left the car park. We had two stops to make before the Boyanup Oval as Basky needed a pickup from home after a rushed return home after an evening with John Butler (and some serious hair envy) in Perth and Miller was waiting for us in a bus shelter (his shopping trolley and blanket well hidden) in Gelorup. Despite the all stops route with Hoosty at the wheel, we arrived before the Eaton boys as their bus driver got the departure time incorrect so at this point it was difficult to tell which side was more laid back.  Full credit to both team’s supporters as there were about 20 cars around the ground in miserable conditions.

Well… the time had come after 8 long months in mothballs, a long preseason, a dozen new sponsors and the acDSC_0251quisition of our first trainer in Leon (highly recommend his services to those that didn’t get a rub before bounce down), the Dino’s were on the field for the first time in 2014. The curtain raiser had run its course and the Eaton Boomers league side had decided to forgo bruised egos by watching the Dino’s in action and had left the coliseum.

Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah went the siren and Hutton’s Heroes went to work.


Kicking with a slight breeze we took an early hit before regaining a small lead before the end of the quarter.

DSC_0085DSC_0188After running with the Boomers earlier in the day, Hally was back where he belonged in the tangerine and racked up of some clean ball across the middle. The midfielders, Miller, Juice, and Basky were operating and the spine of DSC_0323PD, Gunja and Leroy were getting eDSC_0275nough to suggest we would be competitive. The second quarter saw Eaton pull away by a couple of goals but Hutto was happy with the switching of play and link up hand ball so we had a positive chat at the break.DSC_0154

Poor old Nobba got a kick in the face but played on and incredibly,the other gDSC_0121uy went to hospital with a knee injury.


Meanwhile another newbie, Willy was showing he could develop into a handy player as his knowledge of the game grows and Mark was lifting to the challenge of replacing PD at Full Back when he had a run in the middle. The 3rd quarter was all the Dino’s…4 unanswered goals meant we went into the last quart a goal or two in front. Kingy kicked goal of year with a signature check-side left, Gunja asked us to ‘love the footy’ at half time and he blitz em with Juice turning it on. DSC_0042DSC_0293The last quarter siren went and the boys from Jurassic Park continued on their merry way with the first 2 goals but Eaton were not going to lie down and kicked the last couple of the game for a result that would have been within one straight kick. Just in case we had won, we sang the song with the new boys, Mark, Nobba (hardest man in Masters AFL) and Willy in the middle.

After a few beers and a shower it was off to the Bull and Bush for the presentations, dinner and a bit more hydration.  The coaches awards went to Juice and Willy (couple of $25 Sports Marine vouchers) and the raffle ($100) went to Hutto (Craig ‘Adriana Xenides’ Hall called his own number during the draw which should see him $2 lighter on Thursday). Birthday boy Muzz took out the drinkers chalice for all his efforts in the lead up to the game (Leon, rub table, organizing dinner) and by the time I left him, he had just about worn oDSC_0211ut the corner he was drinking from. If Jonah hadn’t been on compassionate leave with The Panthers, he would have reminded me, like he has on so many occasions, that ‘it is Wharton World and we just get to live in it’.

One of nice things about being financial this year is being able to afford to show our appreciation and build a name in the competition for being a generous club. Eaton have given us some close games, played in the right spirit and that was reflected immediately after the game as both teams mixed well to chew the fat and have a frothy. The Boomers have also supported our Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea fundraising as good as any group so with these credits, we picked up the costs of their dinner of $230 which was very much appreciated. That generosity can only stretch so far so for those Dino’s that had dinner, please pop $10 into the till at training.DSC_0040

After the Boyanup pub, the bus went onto the Dardy pub, Huttos place and then back to the car park at 10.30pm (Haousty emptying half a stubby over his naked torso trying to replicated the classic Sprite ad was a nice way to finish the evening).

A big thanks to Haousty for the wheels (and for quietly dumping $200 on the bar for drinks), to Basky for driving home, to Mangers for organizing the drinks (go a bit easier on the softies next time big fella) and working the board, to Griever for looking after the jumpers, balls, and first aid kit and to Muzz for getting hold of the massage table and recruiting Leon ‘Hands’ McRub.

All in all, a very positive start to the season proper both on and off the field. Now it’s onto Hands oval in two weeks to take on the behemoth of the competition , the Bunbury Sharks and play for the Welsh-Piggot Shield.

….and we’ll win some more!!!!

KeechyBoyanup Team Shot