AFL Masters Country Carnival 2014

Hi All,

The South West Country Carnival is a great event that attracts both Country and Metropolitan Teams. Held on the long weekend it makes for a great road trip for those clubs that attend.

Keechy has won the contract for The Dinos to host this years carnival which is to be held on the WA Day long weekend –

Sunday 1st June 2014.Country Carnival Capture

We have sent this invite out to all registered WA AFL masters footy teams.——->

Now it is time to call on all volunteers to make this day one to remember. Anyone who is associated to the club is asked to pitch in and help as any amount of help would be very much appreciated.

For the organising of the carnival we need to get the wive’s / partners / sisters / brothers / neighbors to really band together.

Friendships will be made from working together as a team and there is also a chance to make some real money for the club which will bear fruit for the future of the Dinosaurs.

Jenelle Holland ( Mrs Dino King) has kindly volunteered and has been speaking to Muz about getting the wives/partners all together to arrange as many helpers as possible to help out for the carnival weekend.
Jenelle is happy to take charge and get the show on the road.

Jenelle has asked for anyone who can to help out to pm her on Facebook or contact her via email at:

Once we have numbers and names of people happy to help we can do up a roster to accommodate having someone where and when they are needed throughout the carnival.

Thank you

Fanta / Dinorazzi


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