Game 3 – Dinos vs Margs Hawks @ Jurassic Park


Our first game at Jurassic Park had arrived and our kitchen legends were busting to show what a couple of weekends of watching the box set of My Kitchen Rules had done for their culinary skills. Meanwhile the change rooms were a buzz and with a solid preseason and two competitive games behind us, we were ready to tackle the Hawks who gave us a good run for our money at home last year.

We had good numbers (23 players), Margs arrived on time and Kimmy Narkle and Bask had put DSC_0131their hands up to umpire so we were set to go. Hutto sent a clear message to the group with captain Mar-lee Wharton’s questioning of his communication style being rewarded with a first quarter benching….# 1 might have been carrying an injury and the coach may have been looking after China’s favourite son but as this is the media, that sort of copy will not sell papers so let’s put it down as a sensational rift between captain and coach. Fran (car 68) loves a horn and she blew hers loudly to signal the start of the encounter.

The Dinos hit the ground running and after a nil all draw for the first 5 minutes of the game, we hit the board and controlled the ball for the first half of the quarter. To the Hawks credit, they came back to eveDSC_0143n the contest at the first whistle. It was Kev Pears’s return game and he showed some signs of rust as he came off with a face full of dirt and enough gravel rash to make him look like he had been dragged across the WACA wicket. He exacted revenge as only this man who god made for the wetter days with a signature ‘take the space’ move…unfortunately it was deemed tunnelling and the unlucky Hawk will need a month of back pDSC_0158hysio DSC_0176before he play again.

All in all, we looked functional up forward, in the middle and down back. Kingy and Jonah had peppered the goals so we appeared to have the fire power to roll over the top. Fossil was up for the fight and got his hand on the ball early, participated in a few contested possessions and generally found a liking for the pig skin. Unfortunately a hurt paw snuffed out the dapper painter with a voice that belongs on Spirit Radio, the crowd obviously felt a little cheated. After the game Fos was seen smashing bottles in the change rooms which is a McQueen celebratory tradition so he must have been reasonably happy with his game despite the injury. The back six had our A graders in there and blocked up most of their momentum so with a bit of breeze at our backs we were ready for the 2nd stanza.

DSC_0381Griever started the quarter with a few hard ball gets but it was the Hawks that arrested the ascendancy. A scrapping Dino backline contributed to them kicking poorly and kept us in the game. Fanta has made no secret of his noble pursuit of the golden fist award 2014 and did his chances no harm with some classic spoils that Danny Frawley or Nick Maxwell would have been proud of. Half time came and went and although we didn’t get smacked in the 3rd, we needed to kick 4 unanswered goals to win but we had the breeze and the will was there. Justin Rocky Miller has kept out of the rough stuff this year which probably goes to his new found zen as a father but he may have paid the price with a nasty wack to the face in the 3rd quarter. He shook it off as Hutto brought him to the bench for evaluation by the doc, no ill effects we thought….until half way through the last he could be seen sprinting DSC_0495away from everyone, unfortunately it was the wrong way and he completed his expensive mission by delivering laces out to a very surprised green jumper. Hutto has tried to indulge everyone who has mentioned their preference for going forward, back or in the guts which is great and today it was Hoggs’s turn to try something different with a move forward. Fortunately for us, his opportunities were limited and he was soon moved back to the familiar surrounds of PD and Fanta in the back six. Facing the direction he was kicking was like a double expresso after being out the night before with the Ha Ha (Hall/Haoust) boys and I cantDSC_0160 remember a time he got beaten in the air or the ball went over the back as he read the play beautifully on its way down into the danger zone.DSC_0414

Willy put a nice full stop on his day with his first goal in AFL….something some others have taken years to chalk up.At the final siren we had gone down by 4-5 goals which was a big effort by the Hawks as they played with 3 players less due to a combo of less skill errors and a touch more fitness.

DSC_0450We enjoyed a few beers with the Margs boys, a nibble on some 1st class $5 burgers (big up to Jenelle, Tash and big Dan with some able assistance from Stacy, Jenna and Bask on the BBQ) and settled in for presos. Pearsy popped on his block buster hat and pinged a few Dinos for not carrying their 4 x 2 orange beam with them and with Manger on the take with a belter of a raffle, the Dino coffers enjoyed a nice top up of just over $500 + booked fines.DSC_0374

Congrats to Hoggs and Fanta (BOT) and Corey (Mug), both hard won and deserved. Mangers had done a fine job in organising the food and drinks and with Hoggs, jumped on the end of a mop to clean up the change rooms…which could have seen the end of the night but Mar-lee had other ideas. So it was back to Gelorup where noise regulations are relaxed and the wild life are nervous. The host had started the fire, cranked the music up to ear bleeding levels and stacked the fridges…it was party time for a doz Dinos, a few Dinoettes and even some of the Dino Juniors….an eye popping education in life was definitely on offer for the kids but if you don’t believe me, I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t a couple of Dino TV reporters camped out in the bushes who will shine a bright light on festivities.

Excellent day and evening from a range of Dino boys and girls and now we brace ourselves for the considerable might of The Crabs on Sat 17th May.

Oh we are the Dinosaurs……


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