Game # 4 – Dinos vs Crabs at Jurassic Park

The bench mark of the competition in the Crabs was before us this weekend and with a dozen players from our last game not available, it required a ring around for numbers not seen since Kevin Rudd held office. We started the game with 8 on the bench (as did The Crabs so don’t think they came expecting anything but a fight) which was a fantastic result for our club’s playing stocks into the future.


With the prospect of having to fill 3 games at the carnival and get the necessary administration tasks done, it has created a pool of 40 active players which will be enough to keep things running before all players are available to help run the show and for us to be competitive on the track in all three games.


Hutto had some much welcomed assistance in the coaching panel with Stew Parners running the board, club legend Georgey Nico was back running water and the unluckiest Dino to ever have pulled a hammy in Scooter did the umpiring duties. Thanks for your contributions boys, you certainly helped make the day possible !!


A big thanks to Badge for prodding the Carey Park boys Jamie and Shane Nani and Brenton Smith into action, to Gav Kennedy for playing his first game, cricketing journeymen Benny Lagana and Rod Jones, and Hogg’s mate Paz got involved for the first time also. It was also great to see previous stalwart players having a kick this weekend in Hainesy, Rowey, Deano, Grazer, Oggy and Whitey. 2014 players in Josh and Nobba were on board also which made for a very different team than 2 weeks ago and certainly this time last year.


The weather was kind to us as the wind and rain stayed away for the duration of the game. We were kicking to the Lutheran School end of the ground in the first quarter and began strongly by restricting them to 3 goals and kicking 3 ourselves…it would have been a few years since that would have happened to the Crabs. Benny Lagana kicked two off a forward flank, Paz was sent to full forward to mix it up like Grenville Dietrich and the Nani’s swapped in the ruck and off the bench in an explosive combination. By half time we were only a few goals down and Badge had put in his best half for a few years at Dino land. Unfortunately he was to do an ankle in the 3rd quarter which will see him limping around Kelly Park for a bit. By the last term we were an undetermined amount of goals down as we don’t keep score but things were positive in the huddle and we came out firing. Deano was running hard and hit the board with a few points which was to be our last push The crabs sung their song with gusto that suggested they were very happy with their performance and in that light, so should we be.

All players had lots of footy and many kicks 🙂


Notable performances: Ben Lagana, Mike Kelly, Justin Miller, Nick Ogden, Lee Hutton, Dean Owens.


With the Ha Ha boys otherwise occupied it was a quieter post game party so a few beers with the presentations, a good bloke won the raffle for a change and it was clean up the joint and head home. A big thanks to Hoggs, Tash and Sandra (Mrs Dools) for doing a great job in the kitchen, Whitey for ripping around and collecting $100+ in the raffle…the Dinos and Crabs all mentioned what a top finish to the day it was.


Now it’s onto the carnival in 2 weeks so get your circus tricks perfected and let’s put on a show that will make us all proud and make the club plenty of much needed funds.



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