Game # 6 – Dinos vs Ducks at Jurassic Park

This game signaled the last home game for the year and fittingly we raised the bat and welcomed the 50th and 51st players for the year in Ben ‘Duffy’ Duff and Andrew ‘Wal’ Waller. Both of these gentlemen are highly respected pillars of the community and from both their games on the weekend, will be an asset both on and off Jurassic Park.

It was telegraphed during the week by the boys from Dunsborough that the Ducks were a bit light on for players, arriving with a dirty dozen. As has been the case for most of the year, we had a great turnout for those keen to don the tangerine and could make up their numbers with guys who had not done the walk of shame before and played for the opposition. The hired guns for the day would be Frank, Griever, Fos, Duffy, Steve and big Marky Mark. A big up to these boys as they all put in sterling performances in the unfamiliar black and gold (must have almost killed Duffy as a die hard Essendon supporter) and made the day for the guys from Dunsborough with their best player for the day commenting that ‘it was the most enjoyable game for the whole year’. This is a big tick for us to enable an undermanned opposition to get something out of the day and in the end, we all got a bit more game time, tested ourselves against our buddies and met a few new guys as team mates. Don’t get any ideas Duffy, although you’re only on a one year contract due to past injuries, you are contracted to the end of next year.

Anyway…onto the game.

The forecast was for light breezes, a cool day and no rain which is exactly what we got. Dunsborough provided Phil The Reliable as umpire and we had the whistle happy Keech to contend with. The ball was bounced and within a couple of minutes Muzz had cut across the path of his good mate Gunja at full forward to take a mark and slotted a goal for the home side. The quarter was an even, slightly messy affair with Wal showing flashes of class and more moving parts than Jamie Abbs at this weekends GAT auction (if you haven’t got a ticket to this year, please give Muzz a buzz at Warrick Welding early this week), Pearsy was bizzy, Mill and Rowey had some extra responsibility with Bask and Juice not playing and the back line carried on from the Collie game with most of our first picked back six Hutto/Fanta/Hoggs/Shagga rolling. Duffy hit the score board for the opposition in what we hoped would be his only signal that this was the last time he would be farmed out…that wasn’t the case and an appropriate fine will be issued come Thursday. The second quarter was a dower struggle with a K.Pears snap one of the highlights, Haousty still hadn’t come out of the square in his trademark centerman’s running pattern of a tight 50sqm, Duffy continued to pepper the goals for the away team.

The second half saw a few changes with Hutto gaining some control as the umpy after an inconsistent performance from #23 in the flouro vest that would have had Jeff Geischan tearing his hair out and ‘Tank’ from the Ducks letting me know that no matter how bad a player I might be, I’d be better at that. The 3rd quarter started with a fine so although the quality of ball was a bit down, the Tupperware will be getting a work out on Thursday. Details will be revealed at training but it involved a Dinosaur running the same way he had just finished running in the second…you beauty!! (this had been hit hard in 2014 so if you name rhymes with ‘Snowy’ bring ya wallet). Kingy was moved from the unfamiliar back half, which to his credit he stayed in, to go on a feeding frenzy and kicked 3 goals from set shots. Duffy sold Fanta a lolly shop, missed Fos with the hand pass but was having that kind of day and found a Duck for another assist…he had now kicked 3 and was clearly their best.

The last break came and Haousty had done his calf so Hutto suggested a back pocket…’no, i can’t really go on’ and gave a little wince or two to ram home his discomfort. No sooner had a forward pocket been suggested than the calf got loose and our Blanket was ready for one last dash at the line….something appropriate for the Tupperware please Heals. Fos had been bizzy all day without getting on the board but as he’s in career best form, it just had to happen….yep, he slotted his first goal on Jurassic Park. It might not have been in the tangerine but the way his was strutting and high stepping around the ground, you wouldn’t have known it. The final whistle sounded and it was the end of an enjoyable hit out, played in good spirits and gave most as much footy as we wanted.

It was time for a few beers, a shower (cold, but we will get to that) and presentations.

After Micky Grieve had bragged about his brandy gravy during the week..apparently the kids were putting the leftovers from the night before on their weeties, it was that good….he was challenged to produce some for after the game….wow, was I looking forward to that on a cold day in the middle of winter. Unfortunately he decided that the last home game of the year did not warrant that effort so produced an alternative that would have seen him voted off master chef in the first 5 minutes. I am sure the Tupperware will get a work out for this deed which can probably get rolled into the fine as the property steward for providing smelly jumpers, bringing half as much sliced beef as asked for and while we’re on a roll, the cold showers could probably fall under his property/game day operations manager duties as well …in fact Bask, just get hold of his bank details before pay day and we’ll redirect the lot this week. The credits for making the gravy, opening up the pav, cleaning up the pav and locking up the joint will have to be considered by the court…big up Griever ;-)!!

Best players for us were: Kingy and Kev ‘Barney Rubble’ Pears (his wife was also seen using his fluffy leopard print stubby holder on the night so there’s probably another fine there). Shagga’s absence from Fines Master duties should be taken advantage of and if Hammer sees fit, given the Ducks wanted to give their best player to his mark in Duffy, its 5 clams for the Tupperware from old shag bags.

Well done to Griever for the above, Mangers for the drinks, Hutto for the shuffling of magnets and umpiring and the boys who played for the Ducks which made a proper game of it.

Now it’s a month until our next/last game so most likely we will organise a scratch match in a couple of weeks (Georgiana Molloy was discussed with Deano Owens at the start of the year so will probably check that out first) to keep game hardened for a monster bus trip on July 26th in Busselton.

#23 out

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Game # 5 – Dinos vs Collie Fossils

We all headed for the hills this weekend with just enough heading up the Collie hill to field a team. As is the case in most games when numbers are low, it provides opportunities for others and this was no exception with a few crew lining up in unfamiliar positions or playing for the first time. With a clear sky, a temp of 20 degrees, a gentle breeze and a playing surface which is probably the best we will play on all year, we looked set to have as much fun as you can with our shorts on. Reever had his girlfriend at the ground and went missing during the half time break (presumabley for a cuddle, $2) so maybe his shorts were given a rest for a bit.

After a brief warm up and introduction to Frank Italiano, Sauce (Shagga’s cricket buddy who played in last years mid season scratch match) and Kimmy Narkle who all pulled the boots on for their first game it was a toss of coin and we were kicking to the sea across a northerly. The Fossil came out firing and had had two snaps at goal for minors before it happened…yes, this aging rock star of Jurassic Park, popped one through and celebrated like a man who had just woken up with Cindy Crawford….i swear I saw him having a ciggy later that quarter. The midfield of Juice, Bask, Griever and Narks were driving it out of the centre with Reever and Macca streaming down the wings and Gunja providing a formidable target at CHF. The backline generals in Hammer/Hoggs/Shagga were rebounding like a unit that had played together for years with a discipline approach of playing in front and playing off quickly. Collie where putting up a good fight and at half time there were only a few goals in it.

For the second half the coach decided that he was safe from any likely sanctions of playing a game following a red carding so moved himself into the forward line to take advantage of what was the most open game of footy we have played this year….unfortunately a higher powered intervened and he limped off with a puffy knee after a typically gutsy ‘get myself into the drop zone’ scenario…crunch, wallop, pow!!! The newbies in Frank and Sauce followed the lead set by Hammer (who was now playing an out and out blinder) and go hold of pill, fed it to the mids and wings and they drove it up the ground. One of these forays forward was to hit Trev on a beautiful lead, unselfishly he passed off, got the hands back in a second effort that J. Selwood would be happy with and snapped a left thru for his first goal in the tangerine…the boys came from everywhere. Mangers continued to ruck on one leg in an effort that is classic Mangan when the Dinos needed him most.

In the end we had about 30 shots at goal which would be right up there with the best we have done offensively….unfortunately it was 10.20 but enough for a comfy 6 goal buffer.

Best : Hammer, Macca, Juice, Bask, Gunja, Fos…..there could have been half a doz extras on this line as we had contributors on every line.

A big up to the Collie boys who provided both umpires and most of the waterboys/girls for the day.

The beers and burgers at the presentations were enjoyed in a vibe that is what our footy is all about. We chatted about the state of the comp and found common ground on more than a few opinions. Thanks to Bask for driving the bus and the 7 players who went up like that, well done + Haousty of course for providing the wheels. Congratulations to coach Hutto on a great job of bringing the new guys in, placing players in new roles and generally handling a tricky situation with so many players unavailable for the weekend in an organised but relaxed manner.

Only 2 games left for the year boys so let’s get down to training for a good run at our last home game in two weeks and a monster bus trip to Busso at the end of July. The Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea is the next major none footy event on July 5th. The club benefit financially from helping with this day and gets much of the kudos for raising the funds for Variety (the main reason we have been given Country Club of the Year for the last two years) so please help out if you can, buy a ticket or use your contacts to help sell a few tickets.


Country Carnival 2014 – Dalyellup

Hi All,

Photos of Country Carnival will be uploaded periodically.

Here is the first set. Click the link and have a browse, You can click on individual photos or watch them as a slideshow.


Dalyellup Dinosaurs Vs Eaton Boomers

Bunbury Sharks Vs Collie Fossils

Mandurah Makos Vs Leschenault Crabs


Dunsborough Ducks Vs Vic Park Pigs

Freo Phantoms Vs Margaret River Hawks

Busselton Magpies Vs Northern Warriors


Eaton Boomers Vs Albany Vikings

Mandurah Makos Vs Collie Fossils

Rockingham Rams Vs Dalyellup Dinosaurs

ROUND 4: Coming Soon

ROUND 5: Coming Soon

ROUND 6: Coming Soon

ROUND 7: Coming Soon