Game # 7 Dinos vs Busso

DSC_05024.30pm rolled around and we had 7 players on the bus and about half a dozen likely self drivers. After hanging around a bit longer hoping a few extras would arrive, swinging past Shagga’s place to get his boots, going back to the shed to get the jumpers (we missed our property manager big time) and scraping Rowey up on the way…we hit the road a date with destiny.

As if we weren’t off enough, Haousty had returned recently from the hippy area around Coffs Harbor with some music so mellow it would have made Neil from the Young Ones happy…as we pulled into the Busselton ground, we were like a dozen rabbits with myxomatosis…blurred eyes and moving like Grenville Dietrich in his twilight years.

We threw our gear in the change rooms and wandered out onto a soggy oval which included a moat around the southern side. The ball went up and 15 minutes later we had been jumped with only a few points on the board and The Maggie’s had 4 or 5 goals in the pocket. Juice and Rowey scrapped hard to restricted the damage with Corey doing a very good job in the ruck.

The second term was better with the Dino’s kicking the first goal and we would have won the 3rd marginally with the final stanza pretty even so over all about a 6 goal loss which we would have taken at quarter time for sure. A solid effort from Reever, Fanta, Rowey, Juice and Corey with Duffy the only forward to fire a shot. Big up to Shagga, Hutto and 40 who never intended on playing due to injury but as playing stocks where low, pulled the boots on and battled manfully. Soda pop ran water all night with his back up Haousty (our only paid player earning his way) doing an impression of a long range water bomber arriving after the fire had been put out…did his best work holding up the magnets for sure.

We presented the Busso Prez with a gold handled mop for cleaning up the fixture mess and rescheduling the rescheduled fixtures that allowed us to have a game this weekend. The Magpie crew are probably the best organized of the competition with an active 13 man committee and put on a great spread that put Sizzler to shame for buffet variety…steaks, salads and potato done 100 different ways.

We’d had a few beers to wash away the stench of defeat so the mood on the bus was good. The Nard was hit in typical Dinosaur style and we lit the place up with Yagaer bombs exploding all over the main bar. Haousty drove through the night and dropped crew where they needed to be dropped, even successfully talking a couple of Dinos out of kicking on in which is the equivalent of Putin telling his grand kids not to play with matches…sure to trigger a few fines later in the week.

Gutsy effort boys and now we’re carnival bound !!!