Dinos vs Fossils – Sat 16th Aug 2014 under lights

Playing a game on a Saturday evening in August in Collie would on the face of it appear to be an exercise in sadism but with Shane ‘Sunny Boy’ Jones in tow, the temperature stayed above arctic and with no rain or wind, it all made for great playing conditions. The Collie ground is where the Dino’s played their first official game back in 2011 (although in Donnybrook jumpers) so will always have some significance for the club and with so many Dino’s doing their best work after dark…good choice of carnival tune up game Hutto.

We were a few short but grabbed the 60yr+ Ronnie from Collie to fill a pocket and we were set to go. Big up to Rowey for running the board which released Hutto to stream out of full forward with an achilles that is looking towards some rehab before 2015 kicks off. Haousty still carrying a sore calf could have been forgiven for feeling a bit down but with Basky volunteering as driver, it could mean only one thing for our Polish Warrior from Norton Prom…it was play time. After sinking a few on the long drive up the hill, he was thrown into a new experience of umpiring (‘this could get interesting’ was the general feeling amongst his traveling partners) but true to his mantra in life (there are no bad experiences) he embraced the role and grew into the white maggot we all new he was capable of. By the time the last quarter had come, he was feeling so comfortable that he had coined his own term of ‘balls alive’ (casino style) as he tossed the ball up in the middle.

The game started at a frantic pace with Gunja in ruck against Big Tim (colossal man mountain) and after few moments had settled down. Hoggs and Fanta combined as we know they can on the last line, Wal was a rebounding machine who is fast stamping himself as a very important cog in the back six. The middle of the ground was taken care of with Reever (after receiving a wake up tap from Gunja) and Macca ripping up the wings, Bask, Daffy D and Mill were clean through the middle – each working both forward and back, and Muzz provided some slap and tickle when it was called for. Jonah crept forward in the second term to form a very potent 3 pronged attack with Kingy and Hutto (good luck defending that crew in the air or on the ground) with the dynamic sweeping of WD40 never far from the contest.

Best: Daffy D, Wal, Gunja, Muzz, Macca, Hoggs, Fanta

A few beers, a burger or two, Kingy got to see the Tiges get home in Adelaide, Jonah was awarded the coaches mug in his come back game and the Keech/Haoust duo got some beers for a ‘earn your kicks’ umpiring style with a touch of Vegas…and it was onto the bus and into the night. The Crown Hotel got a visit from the boys and from the video/pics seen of the night…we added more than just a little something to Collie’s night life.

Good night club habits die hard with Haousty…Hoost Pole Catadhering to the rule of trying to stand near someone a little less groomed than yourself (wasn’t easy given he was the only bloke who smelt like a pole cat after running around in jeans all evening and still had a beanie on but I recon he got it done).

Well done fellas for making the journey and now it really is carnival time!!!


One thought on “Dinos vs Fossils – Sat 16th Aug 2014 under lights”

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