Hi All

As you all know there is the country carnival coming up next Sunday in Busselton, which we have entered a team, for those who don’t know we play 3 games on the day with each game being 2 halves.
It’s an all-day event with presenations late afternoon early evening

All games are played at the Busselton Football club ( on the left hand side of the highway as you are heading into Busselton.)

We may get a bus to the event if anyone is interested in the bus please email our Minister of Transport on dave@gowesttours.com.au and he will have his offsider arrange the bus I’m sure.

Training this coming Thursday is important lads as we need strong numbers at these events history has shown about 8 to 10 on the bench is required.

Family are encouraged to come along for what will be a great day.

On the day the food and drinks are provided by Busselton FC at a reasonable charge, bar facilities are available,

See the fixtures for game start times here

Please click here to go to the Dinos Team App events page and register your attendance.

You will need to log in once you click the link, then click on the events tab, 2015 Country Carnival Tab and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the reply tab to confirm your attendance

Cheers All,
Hope to see you there.

Game 3, 2015 – Dinos vs Sharks


Kingys Day Out – Doing his best Maric Impersonation

DSC_0173                                                  Rowey taking a hanger

Juice brought his own ball again



Wal running just for something different 🙂

Due to Bill “Wordsmith” Keech being out of the state the wit and wisdom will be a tad lacking in this weeks wrap.

I’ll go with the Picture heavy approach as I know how much you love Fantarazzi’s camera work.

More pics to follow

Click Here for the other 300+

Game 2, 2015 – Dinos vs Crabs

DSC_0353The media director’s billing for this game was in the mould of the recent Mayweather-Pacman fight.

Next game is against the Crabs out in Leschenault on Friday 1st May Night game under lights!!! 

This game will be a cracker with the fittest Dino’s outfit to date vs The Fittest Team in the Comp. Get down there to show your support, Kick Off at 6:30pm.


The question for all those not at the game is ‘did it live up to the hype better than the hit and giggles in Vegas ?’

Yes it did !!

To say this was our finest hour on the track would be taking nothing away from the flashes of brilliance over the journey but for a 4 quarter effort, this was our moment in the sun (under lights).

For all the boys who have thrown on the tangerine and felt nothing but the clinical nip of the crab’s claw, this win was for you fellas… to Squares, Georgey Nic, Sarrey, PD, Hammer, Duffy, Deano Owens, Fosil, Baz Mc, Gitts, Haousty, Hally, Badge, Ace, Pig, Fogs, Lukey Gray, Hutto, Oggy, Wanga, Scooter, Simba, Parners, Wardy, Nev, Hainesy, Rosey, Whitey, Marko Cahill, Troy Corton, Deebs …..and a few others that have pinch hit for us over the last 4 years.

Team Dino on Friday:

Back 6 – Hoggs, Fanta, Dools, Rowey, Shagga, Reidy, Wal, Rick, Shano Coenen

Centre – Macca, Bask, Mill, Reevery, Griever, Barbs, Hunts, Manga

Fwd – Kingy, Pearsy, Keechy, Muzz, Gunga, Jonah, Goodo, 40, Graham ‘Pothole’


Coaches : Wal, Haousty

Supporters : Hally, Fos, Hutto, Nobba


Big up to :

– Haousty for running the magnets when Wal wan on the ground

– Soda for running water

– Leo for rub downs before, during and after the game

– All the boys who came out on a cold night to watch history get made

Leo was the first man on the job with the rub down table set up in the spacious visitors change rooms at the new Leschenault Pavillion. As the Dinos filed in either under their own steam or off the team bus so generously donated by Go West….our answer to Tommy Haffey went to work on the sore backs, calfs, hammys etc…on a chilly-ish evening, he was worth his weight in tiger balm.


Wal had us running up and down in tight and a few drills later, we were ready to face what will be our toughest examination this year…..the road trip from hell…the Crabs at home. The magnets on the board looked full of old names but also a sprinkling of guys who came with reputations but had never sung a team song to the tune of ‘Yellow Submarine’ (so hadn’t done anything worth talking about really). The crabs supplied both umpires, they reminded us that it was footy for kicks and we were into it.


As Micky Milkshake was coaching his record breaking game, our coach, Andres ‘Wal’ Waller, was taking the reins for the first time. Mick got to choose his fixture but our man was up against the perennial premiers playing for the first time at their new Super Pav and hot off a 29 goals to 1 goal shellacking of a hapless Rocky Rams at the Freo curtin raiser….just the ‘backs to the wall’ way our man likes it.


The first quarter was 60/40 possession our way and although we restricted them to only one late goal, we struggled to use a slight breeze and went in a few points ahead. Barbs was running amok, Juice was peppering the goals, Basky getting involved, Reever covering some ground, Shagga and Mill a couple of nice 1%ers, Hoggs/Fanta getting to the drop and Goodo putting on some forward pressure.


The second quarter was an arm wrestle and then the crabs kicked 2 in a row which would traditionally been the start of the end…not tonight. Half way through, Wal and his opponent found themselves in a warm embrace which the umpire considered steamy enough for them both to have a rest. BANG!!! We kicked into gear with a flurry of goals to just poke our noses in front again. This was to be a defining moment in the game and set the scene for our best quarter of footy as the Dino runners bubbled to the surface.


They call the 3rd quarter the premiership quarter and it was for us….jonah running back with the flight to mark and goal in a Carey like display, Shano Coenen putting his body on the line, Juice getting split up the middle and Pearsy doing his best impression of a cockroach in its death throws after a hit to the ribs showed just how important making a stand was to the boys from Jurassic Park. Bask, Jonah, Kingy and Juice hit the scoreboard and before we knew it, we had a 6+ goal differential for the quarter and we were on our way to an historic victory.


The last quarter was a bit like the first and we finished slightly ahead but to their credit, the Crabs never went away even though it was obvious that we had the legs.


We sang the song in the middle of the ground, ran warm down laps with stretching on the ground, sang the song again in the change rooms before retiring to the roman baths….do you think we enjoyed the win ?? Sure did!!!


Best : Barbs, Shano Coenen, Bask, Juice, Hunts, Rowey, Kingy


Barb’s comments during his speech summed it up pretty well when he said he had been told about footy for kicks in the Masters comp and had just played in one of the most physical games in his life. The Crabs took the unfamiliar loss pretty well with their Prez Proudy making a joke that he arrived at the ground at the end of the game to be told that the Crabs had lost and was still coming to terms with the news. The new facilities at Leschenault are second to none and encouraged over 100 players/wives/kids at the presos which was great to see….especially as at least half of the supports were ours. The bus rolled out at 10pm with a few of us (ok, just Hally and myself) staying on to enjoy the afterglow.


Well done boys but it doesn’t get any easier from here with our traditional cross town rivals, the Sharks our next opponent in two weeks at Jurassic Park. With the Welsh-Piggot shield on the line, we will need another big effort.