On a crisp Sunday morning when some folk are bundling into cars for church, we looked forward to a different religious experience. 14 Dinosaurs boarded the trusty Go West bus, 2 Dinosaurs waited by the roadside, and half a dozen men true to the tangerine made their own way to the ground with their families.


Team assembled:

Fwds : Kingy, Hutto (becoming a habit), Charlesy, Fish, Hoost, Muzza, Shano C

Mids/C/Wings/Ruck : Macca, Griever, Juice, Pearsy, Hainesy, Sauce, Reever

Backs: Hoggs, Fanta, Shag, Wal, Keechy, Maybes, Dools, Marko

Upper Middle Management: Craig ‘the commissioner’ Hall


[Apologies to anyone left out but should be a wake up call to get more ball or celebrate a little harder]


For those that couldn’t get there, I know you all want to know how we went so I will save you skipping to the bottom (spoiler alert)…the league expects excellence from us at festivals (debuting, hosting, playing, celebrating) and the crew of 2015 did not disappoint. With the first two games in the bag (solid 4+ goal wins) we managed to squeeze in a booze cruise in our newly acquired limo (Loosey) before taking on our old carnival nemesis, Mandurah in the last hit out. They suffered the same fait as the previous two sides to complete a clean sweep for the boys from Jurassic Park.


Righto, now to the details and into the night…….


Vic Park Pigs – Game #1


We had completed the usual semi convincing warm up, Muzz announced he would play in the yella for the first time (to a massive round of applause which had a hint of ‘shit, its about time’ about it and maybe a bit of ‘ok, they cant touch him but he’s unlikely to return the favour’). The dencorub was applied and then a last nervous wiz which in combo helps make up for the mediocre warm ups. Just prior to kick off we were reminded that not all the crowd was on our side as I had a bloke taunt me from the time keepers crows nest, ‘hey Keechy (read my jumper)…you’ve got a hair cut like Brett Kirk’ which given Brett’s liking for a mung bean sandwich, had me at the other end of the rev up spectrum to Dools who had spent the last minutes getting pumped up listening to System of the Down.


Blues skies made for a fast paced game and Wal and Juice were on from the start. Sauce was giving a contest in the middle and proved more than a handy big man addition, Pearsy was putting his bruised ribs on the line, Reever was gathering possessions across the middle and lifted his kicking efficiency to Sam Mitchell levels. Up forward, King was presenting at CHF, Hutto came charging out of the square. Meanwhile, down back Marko looked after the middle of the ground like Gina Rinehart protects a trust fund, Shags and Fanta where either intercept marking or tackling, Dools was offering a steady hand and good voice, Hoggs was his stingy self with some clever decisions when kicking out.


Unfortunately Charlesy did a hamstring and was sidelined for the carnival which was a shame in his debut of the club but definitely not an unheard of way to start your Masters career. If have a feeling from his energy over the course of the evening that we haven’t seen the last of him.


Best : Wal, Juice, Hainesy, Reever, Hoggs, Kingy


Waroona – Game #2


Do yourselves a favour and have a look at the hang that Wal took in this game (great job Shona BTW), best mark I have seen live and one of the best I have seen full stop. Another bonus of Muzz wearing the yella is that it is easy to spot him at the bottom of Wal’s stairway to heaven….Capt Muzz has been the foundation of so much of the good stuff that has gone about DDFC in the last 5 years but being used as a launching pad for your buddies has taken that selflessness to a new level. Wal’s previous attempt 20 secs earlier and then to get to this pack and launch again makes the mark even better and something that I will never forget. It might sound like the writer is setting himself up for preferential selection from the coach but Wal’s running, bounce bounce goal in this game was another for the highlight reel….enough said, the kid went off. Davros ‘the magician’ Hoost should have worn Rowey’s baggy shorts cos he was putting in an Eddie Betts impersonation with 3 classic goal sneak magors and all the back of about 2 training nights and enough aeroplane food to fill the Tardus over the last two months.


This was Waroona’s first year and I couldn’t help but see similarities between them and us in our first year (came to the carnival with less than 18 players with link up footy as likely as a Kevin Pears assist). Although a small ground, we found space with overlap and direction when we needed to and a continuation from the previous game in the backline meant we finished without giving up a single goal. One of their player’s (Wardy) comments after the game was, ‘you blokes are dynamite!’


Best : Wal, Juice, Hoost, Hainsey, Reever, Hutto


Mandurah Makos – Game #3


The smaller oval #3 for the second time was welcomed and given the way we played in the previous game on that track, we were only too happy to give it another run. Juice fired out of the middle from the whistle, Hainsey continued his run and bagged a Mako’s head for his pool room after copping a cheapy, big Marko went body on body (copping an egg on his head in the process), Kingy delighted his legion of female fans on the side lines with a couple late and Hutto clunked a couple. Dinos finished with plenty of run to wind up a good day on the track.


Best : Juice, Kingy, Marko, Hainsey, Wal


Mike Grieve got pushed into the middle of the circle and was toasted as the first Dinosaur to make it to 50 games….a beer a training this week from everyone should see him totally useless at work the next day so if we can spread it out over a few weeks, that would be great.


Best over the 3 games : Juice, Wal, Hainesy, Reever, Hoost (not training is the new black)


Big up to Wal and Hally for a fine coaching/playing/running water/coaching/magnet shuffle combination. Thanks to Davros for the bus, to Shona for taking all the picks, Soda for running a bit of water and all the families who came out to support their man.


At Preso’s a couple of our ex-players/super stars in Wardy (Waroona) and Oggy (Rocky Rams) got presented with their new teams best players. Maybe next year they’ll include the starts they got at Jurassic Park in their speeches (I know both of you are still on the email list and read these reports). Both are welcome to do a Trent Croad and jump ship again anytime back to the tangerine.


After a few beers at the footy club bar, we loaded into the bus to begin celebrating like a team that takes their own limo to a carnival. First stop was the Nard which usually greets us like a long lost brother but they must have got word that our version of John Travolta (Luke 40) was not in the Dino den because as the pic would indicate, it was as flat as a shit carters hat. We made the best of this with ice addicts and ladies of the night our pool partners but eventually settled for picking up a couple of boy band members and hot footing it to The Fire Station on Queen St. It was a few beers of crafted nectar, a chat with the beautiful people of Busso and back into the bus for the trip home.


Big up to Shags for driving the bus home which is not an easy gig when the wind is up and the Dino spinnaker well and truly popped.


We take a breath for most of June and then come home with the second half of the season and Eaton, Albany, the Ducks and Mandurah Carnival.


#23 over and out.


Hi All,

Photos to follow we had an IT Hardware failure and are working through the issue.

Photos are HERE

Cheers  – Dinarazzi Crew

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