Home and Away Game # 4 – Dinos vs Eaton (at Glen Huon Oval)

The league had toyed with many names to promote this round……


  1. ‘New Kids on the Block’ round: With a third of the Dino side new to the club this year this tag would have fitted but give me a Scharenberg (man band) over a Wahlberg (boy band) any day.


  1. ‘Retro’ round due to the coach’s reliance on a cardboard magnetic board (good idea with the forecast of rain) after a couple of fruitless visits to the shed and pav to find the magnets on the morning of the game.


  1. ‘GWS v Goldy’ to honour the clash of the new boys to Masters footy in the Dinos and Boomers. Both clubs have been in the comp for 4.5 years now and it was time to see who had reached their 5 year plan.


The challenges of getting each of the 28 Dinos on the park for a ‘coach doesn’t get lynched in the car park’ amount of time and in an appropriate position was not lost on me as I pre-programmed 9 x three way changes. Unfortunately, half a dozen ‘Robert Bogucki’s (blokes lost in the wilderness) rocked up and the Limo boys arrived like rock stars with 5 minutes to bounce down. Muzz at Loosey’s wheel $5, the wolf pack (King/Rowe/Mill-haoust) $2, Hoost and Macca $2…..$15 slides as the great man would say.


First game players in Kane and Mark joined the other first year players in the team including Barbs, Deebs, Fish, Big Rick, Charlo, Dippa and Reidy. This is fantastic from a playing point of view but awesome from a club perspective. It’s going to be very interesting to see their performances in the back end of the season when the really big games arrive. I’m talking about the Rottnest end of season trip, the Mandurah Carnival, the Players dinner and the AFL 9s trip to Subi of course.


It was fair to say, this was not our best display of footy for 2015 but served to give a few guys different roles which will stand us in good stead in the future. Hoggs at full forward with 4 goals proved his versatility, Muzz on the wing was a revelation, Kingy continued his ruck transformation in Manga/Corey’s absence, Fanta/Shagga developed their ‘back 6’ contentedness with a quick exit from the forward line whenever placed there and Juice went to his first day of trade school and got to see what a good chippy can do with treated pine.


Pre-programmed rotations….stars on every line and a populated bench for fresh legs and where a truck load of ‘encouragement’ could be found.


Hoost (late withdrawal with Prince-itis), kane, hally, Dippa

Mill, macca, fish

Mark, Hoggs, Reidy

Fanta, Charlo, Rowey

Duffy, Bask, Shagga, Hutto (late withdrawal)

Gunja, Kingy, Marko

Reever, Rick, Muzz, 40 (late withdrawal)

Deebs, Gitts, Kev, Nobba

Basky, Griever Barbs


As we would have expected with the playing numbers and the line up above, the Dinos edged away in the 2nd quarter and extended that slightly in the 2nd half to record a six goal win but certainly not our best footy. Eaton played for keeps and in the end it was a reasonable hit out for most.


Best: Hoggs, Muzz, Reidy, Fanta and Macca.


Those not committed to the GAT on Sat 4th July, I’m pretty sure it’s mandatory, so get your $100 ticket and get along. It’s a day for the little kids (Variety Kids Charity) and something there for the big kids too.


A couple of notables……..


Mark lived up to his namesake and took one of the marks of the day in the dying minutes to finish off a solid start to his dinosaur career after pushing very hard for selection at last Thursday’s training session with knee slides etc (yes, even a fill in coach couldn’t miss the endeavour).


Gitts showed off his kicking efficiency, finishing with 100% after a beautiful ‘keep your feet’ display to intercept an incoming ball in the backline and deliver laces out ….dragged himself immediately to protect the stat.


Hally has never been afraid of a full frontal and generally nobody gets hurts but unfortunately for ‘the commissioner’ he got shown a fore arm by the on coming traffic and ended up in hospital with internal stiches. He trudged off the ground looking like he’s just had 10 vodka and red bulls as Fitzy’s after biting his lip for the first time in his life.


What did we learn from the game ?


Hutto’s newly imported girdle may not be enough to get this aging warrior back to his pack crashing best

Hoost is becoming a carnival specialist not unlike Tiger saving himself for majors

Nobba is back and will be better for the run

Gitts displayed more efficiency than an electric car.

Duffy still loves a goal

Shagga and Fanta – eventually there is always only gonna be one degree of separation from them and the full back

Marko Cahill loves a bit of old school body on body…the Dino’s Mumford.

Macca is in denial that he is a very effective half back re-bounder

Big Rick – Pearsy keen to do a kick (his) to handpass (yours) at training on Thursday

Dippa – a quiet achiever ready for any role

Muzz – not sure if he’s 50 or not these days, certainly wound the clock back on the wing

Reever – you better play him down the spine cos there’s no way he will love only one side

Mill – Milhouse bought back the biff of his Miller days and disciplined himself with some bench time

Rowey – like a cat with a scratching pole on the bench (add Juice and Reever at the same time and you’ve got more pole action than the Voodoo Lounge)

Fanta – career best

Gunja – when it’s a bad hair day for BJ, it’s a shocker with those locks so thank the lord it didn’t rain

Reidy – bends over easier than most big boys (good ground skills)

40 – Birthday keg shout out at end of game, ultimate team player.

Charlo – crystal ball says he will win us a game at half fwd, fwd pocket in the future

Deebs – great recruiting whoever mentioned the Dinos to this man

Bards – see above


Last home game in 3 weeks against a power house side we have never played before in home and away so make sure you are part of history and get cherry ripe.




Pics to follow – IT department has been warned

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