Game of Homes – The final chapter game # 5

Cos that’s the way we casserole !!!

We have been blessed with the weather this year and Sat 18th July was no exception. 8km winds with blues skies on a small ground said this was going to be a run feast. With the entire wolf pack out, Ricky Curtis hosing down a fire in the middle of winter somewhere, Gunja putting out his back herding sheep on the eve of the game, Hutto and Haousty resting for the carnival, Hally still processing the weeks home sales, and Duffy cleaning his desk for the teaching term ahead… was amazing that we didn’t struggle for numbers but not in 2015 where the new guys have had a fantastic impact.

Whitey dragged celebrated single gamer Rod Jones (a smooth mover from the great Uni Footy Club) down and with young trios Adam Grieve and Quinn Reeves + Kain ‘no quarills’ Quarrill, they put on a Viking jumper and prepared to pillage…and as the game rolled out, they more than just made up the numbers for the travel weary Vikings. This was their 4th road trip of the year, clocking up 4000kms which is a mighty effort by their club and can expect a return effort from us in 2016…..early fixtures please Kev (‘bout January).

JJ Miller (Jurassic’s answer to the WACA’s Cam Sutherland) and his trustworthy line marker, Micky Hoggan were at the oval as the mist was still hanging on the ground. An hour later, after clearing a group of enthusiastic Indian cricketers off the hallowed turf, they had our undersized field of dreams carved out of overly spongy kikuyu, ready to go.

Coach Haoust gathered us in for a first and final catch up and read from a concisely written reverse side of the magnetic board…just a few basics to keep front of mind while in the heat of battle with a hint of William Wallace about it. Kev gave a very moving speech on Griever’s commitment to the club during the kick start year of 2010 and serving on ‘The Dinosaurs’ committee since inception in 2011 as the property steward… was his 50th game and unlike Brent Harvey, was named on the ground.

The siren blasted in the coaching staffs’ ears and we were off to the races. A typical Jurassic Park scrappy first term saw the Dinos take a narrow lead and it was clear that although a few Vikings hadn’t travelled, they’d been topped up with some talent and come to compete. The second stanza provided a bit more flow for both teams with Juice and his band of merry midfielders pumping it down and sweeping back, Shagga was holding off their forward thrusts and in a coaching move straight out of Kevin Sheedy’s play book both Fanta and Hoggs moved forward. Hogg’s trotted on with the proclamation of ‘don’t worry Haousty, I’ll kick a couple of goals for ya’. Both he and Fanta had both hit the score board by the end of the quarter…..back men backing up back men on show again. The second half break had us huddled around our coach with words on encouragement the name of the game. Corey had his arm taken out of a sling during the week so not playing but must have felt like a bird released and ready to contribute. ‘You blokes are crowding the forward line’ was his observation and it worked to a tee. With a bit more room to move up there, Pearsy went to work in the 3rd with some fast leads, trade mark tunnelling and straight kicking and racked up his 5th for the day. Shane Coenan, Fish, Reidy and Manga had played steady for the opening half but all gathered more ball in the 2nd half which suggests we might see some big things from this quartet in the back half of the season….well done boys building to Mandurah. In the end it, was a few goals gap to the Dinos and a game played in very good spirits.

The kitchen was a maze of heaters, eskies and pie warmers with every fitted piece of equipment decommissioned in classic Pav style. Juice, Kate and Hoggs proceeded to work their fingers to the bone through the evening and catered for about 80 Dinosaurs and family and 20 Vikings and staff. The Pav had never seen a night like it with fires, food, fine tunes and fun. Well done to all the kitchen crew and families who prepared the wonderful casseroles and finger food. The complimentary wines and fizzy for the kids went down very well judging by the flushed cheeks of the ladies and enthusiastic spot light and chasey games that were going on.

Our master trainer, Leo threw his Tom Hafey gear off and strapped on the guitar and leathers for a Something About Mary like performance where he walked amongst the families strumming his instrument and filling the air with sweet music. Fantastic effort Leo !

Kev called for a gathering and we did the presentations. They gave their centre half back the BOG for the day and he commented that their coach had not coached in a losing game before which is not surprising as Albany have long been acknowledged as one of the powerhouses of the Masters comp in WA for a long time. As mentioned previously, Corey was loving being out of that sling and jumped at the chance (as Haousty hadn’t been called up yet) to present the Coaches awards to a deserving Shano Coenen and Shagga but the chockies could have gone to host of contributors and all looks very good for the last game vs the Ducks, the Mandurah Carnival and the AFL 9s comp to come.

We done to all who played, watched, cooked, cleaned, served, set up the oval, packed away gear, stoked fires, sold raffle tickets, ran water, ……… plenty goes into a day like last Saturday and we can be proud of how it went.