Mandurah Carnvivale 2015

The spreadsheet and organisational wizardry of Kev Jong Pears was on show from the get go with all 20 Dinos going up on the bus, at The Pav at 7.30am…surely a record in orderly conduct which translated in us having had a warm up prior the opening bounce. For those who are reading and are past carnival folk but didn’t go this year, you will think I am joking when I say, we could have been the most ready team at the show….but I think we were.

Kev Jong Law and Order

Other presidents taking notes

Game 1 – vs Albany

Albany rolled off their bus 5 mins before kick off as we usually do and onto the small Jurassic Park like ground #1….let the Dino dominance begin. With close to 30 players, Wal’s plan was to have 4 players playing elsewhere/umpiring/running the Dino costume/running water with 6 on the bench (2 fwd, 2 mids, 2 backs) and it was a stroke of genius.

Our starting ruck/midfield read King, Barbs, Juice and Rowey so it clear we meant biznarce. Albany, to their credit held up against a well drilled tangerine machine who kicked 4 goals to 0 in the first half with a brisk 20km breeze. The second half went a similar way before Albany kicked the last 2 goals of the game for a comfy start to the carnival by the boys from seaside estate. Best: Barbs, Juice, Rowey, Mr Q across the middle, Marko Harslett and Fanta down back and Hutto/Gunja presenting well up front with Muzz slotting a nice running goal.

Thanks to Griever for umpiring and Heals for running around in the animal suit and Coach Wal for getting us off to a flyer.

Game 2 – vs Crabs

After the opening game, I was loading up on a burger with the lot at the canteen when one of the Eaton boys came over and said…’you lot playing the Crabs in game 2 hey?!…bit of spite there!…I’m gonna come watch that…what oval??’.

The league had scheduled the blockbuster on Rushton Oval in an AFL Masters marketing wet dream.

The temperature had dropped 5 degrees since the start of the day but there was no cooling us down today. Again we kicked with the breeze in the first half, Wal thru himself in and Foss started his carnival campaign on a half fwd flank. Fos then caught fire!! The first two inside 50s came from contested Foss marks and when it did hit the deck, he was scooping it up as well…brilliant stuff from the silver fox. One of the moves of the day was Shano Cohen into the ruck…he did it all in this half…taps to advantage, link up hand passes, marks and a long range goal. Fanta played a cranking rebounding half also to set up a 4 goal to zip repeat of the first games first half. As expected, the crabs hit back with the breeze but it was a 4 goal win in the end to the former bad news bears of the comp. best: Shano, juice, Fanta.

Thanks to Dools for umpiring and a special mention to Gav Kenners for putting in a 100m chase to a bouncing Skipper who was sporting a knee brace that went from his hip to his ankle….see ya in Feb for preseason.

Game 3 – vs Northampton

These boys had struggled all day to hit the score board so Griever, Fish, Pothole, Reever and Fos gave them a hand. Muzza continued his high standard carnival with run off the half back, juice, Barbs and Mill continued their toil in the middle and Kingy went mad up front kicking 8 for the game while this years Coleman Medallist Josh Kennedy watched us smack his old buddies. Building a wall across the goal line so Duffy couldn’t kick

Best: Kingy, juice, barbs, muzz

Thanks to the boys who played for Northampton and Rowey for running the Dino suit

After the last game it was a few drinks at the bar, pressos (during which Reever attempted to tax/accept Collie’s complimentary bottle of wine) and off to The Atrium hotel under bus driver Waller’s steam.

Team shot

The room keys were handed out and the party room was designated for room 413….a quick shower for those that hadn’t had one, a few drinks in the room while Hammer held court with his Grey Elephant in Denmark maths riddle….and before we knew it, we were at the Silver Sands bar having a couple of coldies with the Dunsborough Ducks boys.

Kev had organised a dinner at the Atrium so we flew back there and enjoyed a collection of pub grub favourites, presented the medallists (Muzza and Kingy) with their keepsakes, blew a bit of smoke up each others bot bots and into the night. Murphy’s Irish Bar was the go but proved a tough joint to get into with many attempts ending in tears but persistence generally wins the day and before long we were either cutting a rug on the dance floor or watching Forti go to work. The Toucan Club was the last stand for most and with a DJ on stage, it proved to be a pretty entertaining night…..the missed call from Haousty at 3.45am suggested we had most certainly got our monies worth.

In the morning The Atrium put on a more than respectable cooked breaky and most got stuck in and shared a laugh about the activities of the night before. Wal brought his trusty Go West bus around to the entrance and we piled in and made the much quieter (than the trip up) journey home.

Great times boys and big up to Wal for his coaching efforts and bus driver. Massive thanks to Haousty for the generous use of the bus at no cost to the club or members which is as outrageous as the man himself.

If anyone saw me in the reclined position for 30 mins in the Bunnings car park during Monday….i was just testing my new sunnies.

Keech #23

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