AFL 9s 2015 @ Domain Stadium : 10-10-15

She was a warm day at Subi, the player roster was thin but just like a sailor has a girl in every port, a Dino has an ex-player mate itching to don the tangerine.


The unfamiliar faces in the photo are: Anthony Hewett, Nathan Smith and Chris ‘Floral Feet’ Melton. We had a sub at the start of the day but half way through the first half of the first game he did a rib or two and from that point it was all hands on deck for each game. Hewey, Nath and Chris all played a big part in our semi-competitive offering and don’t be surprised if you see them pop up for another game or even one of our fact finding trips (end of season, Adventure World, Carey Lunch, Variety shows, …..).


The format this year was an improvement on last year with the 4 games done and dusted over 3 hours….12pm start and 3pm finish made for a relaxed start and early celebrations.


Game one got off to a shaky start with Northern Warriors kicking the first 4 goals but from that point we were better to even and went down by a few goals. The next was against a team I don’t think we have played before in Carine but having grown up in Karrinyup, I was aware of the Carine Cats (street gang) back in the day so expected a solid hit out and that’s what we got. The 3rd game saw a gentle breeze blow over the ground but there was no respite for the Dinos who at this stage were hanging on and looking to get to the bell but the Wembley boys were too well organised and took advantage of some questionable umpiring which had Reever in a hairy lather. Our last game against Rossmoyne was a scrappy affair and by the end we were well and truly looking for a beer. The forward, mid and backs roles where shared around between the 9 representing and everyone got a shot at goal, intercept mark or centre extraction.


Before we knew it, Hewey appeared with a tray of frothies which had the transport minister chortling, ‘like this #@#!!# already!’ A few trays later and we were all feeling like the day was worth the journey, Kenners had racked up 8km on his fit bit and was probably back even on the calorie count by the time the mini session had finished. We said our goodbyes and Dave, Nath (Dave’s brother from another mother) and I headed for a Northbridge Tequila bar and then onto the Bull and Barrel Show in Dardanup which made for a variety filled and fun packed day.


Thanks to Duffy, Kenners, Hutto, Reever and Haousty for making the journey and after 8 games over two years and only a solitary win…..we may need to get the bus rolling down the highway full of Dinos and narrow the eyes in 2016.


Note: I collected $50 from Reever and Haousty on the day so if Duffy/Kenners/Hutto can sort Juice out with the entry fee, that would be great.


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