Wednesday Training 16th March 2016

Hey Dinos,

Due to the Bunbury Cup this Thursday Coach Maybs and Coach Barbs have scheduled a Wednesday scratch match for training this week.

For those who are unaware Barbs has taken a position on the Clontarf teaching program which is directed at young indigenous males with a focus on football and study .

( Click Here for more info on the Clontarf program )

He has a group of young guys years 8-12 that just want to play footy  ( and who can blame them ) .. He has organised the young blokes for a Wednesday night game at 5.30pm .

Please ensure we are all there in our Dino game gear around 5pm We will have spare jumpers for anyone who doesn’t have one yet.

This is a fantastic opportunity for all parties as the young fellas can teach us old boys some new tricks and we can impart our worldly wisdom upon them in return: Win -Win

See ya There

Fanta #2

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