First Game of 2016

Hi All,

Please see correspondence below from The Leschenault Crabs President Shaun with Regards to our first fixture game of 2016.

Hello Presidents

Round 1 at Leschenault Sports Pavilion 

Date:Saturday, April 30
Address: leisure drive, Australind
All games on oval 6.
Changeroom available to all.
Meals and drinks available.
First drinks on us.

I have made the quarters (or halves) 
15 min long with a 5 min break between each game. Each team has two games in a row to give you a whole game.
All games will be finished by 6pm.

Sharks V Crabs 2:00
Sharks V Waroona 2:40
Dino V Waroona 3:20
Dino V Crabs 4:00
Waroona V Crabs 4:40
Sharks V Dino. 5:20

We will discuss at training car pooling opportunities and or bus if required


Fanta #2


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