ROUND 1 2016 vs Crabs/Sharks/Demons

33 players rolled into Crab Land in a world record turn up by a home team let lone an away side…15 on the bench gave us an opportunity to get creative with playing players in unfamiliar positions.


Lady Raptor award goes to Mandy Dippa who came on the bus with dino-mites but left her T-Rex sleeping at home.


Nobba – kicking first goal of carnival and testing his road runner skills as a centre man was an out and out success.


Shredder bringing it home with 3 last half goals vs Sharks was a game changer


Juice let the competition know that he was still the Masters Beast with a complete wire to wire performance to take an early lead in the T-Rex award.


First gamers – Guesty, Salty, Stevie Wharton, Botty, Horse


Prize winners : Juice, Kingy (dominant work in the ruck in the last game memorable)


Big up to Rowey for putting on a few beers, BBQ and a bon fire which allowed the required debrief to take place into the wee hours.


Big up to Haousty for providing the bus but unfortunately this player payments will be withheld under section 430. The paid player union has been contacted and we have been assured that punching your time sheet at the ground and calling a taxi before a ball has been bounced no longer constitutes an acceptable output. $2


Game 1 v Waroona

Best – Juice, Mill

Game 2 v Crabs

Best – Juice, Rowey, Mill

Game 3 v Sharks

Best – Juice, Shredder, Kingy, Nobba, Gunga,



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