Round 4 2016 Dinos Vs Boomers

Game 4 – Eaton Boomers at Pratt Rd Eaton on July 23rd 2016

A westerly breeze blew across the Pratt Rd oval in Eaton to greet our 28 strong playing group. A great turn out to go with the 33 at Crab-land and 22 who ventured to the arctic fiords of Albany. These numbers put our away average for the year at 27 which could be a league record but certainly our highest away numbers which is a pretty good indication of a lot going right at Jurassic Park in 2016.

Well done to the boys who came along and helped out. 40 running water, Kev Jong running the magnets, Barbs and Maybs doing the umpiring/coaching duties, Hally, Mill, Greeny and Anzac’s special comments from the boundary, even a long lost Dino in Foggs was in the crowd so there would have been 40 odd Dinos around/on the ground.

The Eaton boys were dominant in all their games at the recent country carnival so we knew we were not in for a Tangerine Festival and that is exactly how it played out with Eaton slipping away to a 2 goal lead at quarter time into a stiff wind. Thank goodness Muzza had played it smart as the visiting captain and chose to kick with the breeze or the damage could have be fatal. Shredder and Griever were working hard but we needed to lift across the board.

Into the breeze in the second it was better and we held on, to go to the long break 3 goals down. Awesome effort from the Boomers at this stage with a hard working midfield and well structured forward line proving a challenge for the Jurassic juggernaut.

Barbs pulled out the strap AND the wooden spoon and gave us all a good old fashion thrashing…full of ‘it doesn’t matter how many on the bench if ya not gonna get the footy’, ‘this is not our style’ and challenged the team to ‘kick 9 for the quarter and get this game back to where it should be’.

The critical third quarter went as outlined by the coaching panel with Kingy/Capt Jack, Juice, Rowey, Macca and Griever dominating the clearances and the forwards firing for 8 unanswered goals. Well done to Fos for hitting score board with a nice 25m set shot (hey hey hey, did ya see that did ya ?, hey, hey, heys into the night).

In the final quarter they had the breeze and were determined to drop it into their forward line quickly and directly. One small problem with at was that although the Eagles have a Governator, we had 3 with The Barbarian, Gunja and Hoggs taking the Boomers long bombs and driving the pig skin back through the midfield where Barbs (who had had enough of being over ruled by his 14 year old umpiring partner) was rolling his playing sleeves up and looked as keen as Hally waiting for the ferry to Rottnest. In the end the Dinos finished with a 6+ goal margin and headed to esky for a well earned frosty.

Injuries: Duff hamstring (season), Reid ankle (season), Wharton bruised hip and shoulder (HE’s just fine)

Best : William Barclay Keech III, Capt Jack Sparrow, Griever, Kel, Kingy, The Barbarian, Fanta.

Thanks to all the support staff and Haousty for the Go West chariot.

Next game is at home to the Margs boys on Sat August 6th so lets continue the great numbers at game day and training and finish the year off with a BANG !!!




Pics are here

Fanta #2

Round 4 2016 Dinos Vs Boomers

Hey All,

The next game for 2016 is against Eaton Boomers at Pratt Road Oval – Saturday 23rd July

3:30Pm Bouncedown with some light snacks provided at the Australind Tavern (Formerly known as the Collie Bridge Tavern)

Catch up at Training for finer details and check in with Muzz to register your interest in a bus.



Fanta #2

Round 3 2016 Dinos Vs Fossils

Hey Dinos,

Apologies for the late wrap, its been hectic here in Dino land.

And thanks for the fines to remind me that you do all in fact look forward to the media wrap each post game, was beginning to think Keechys words of wisdom were only for my amusement.

Here goes – Round 3 2016 Dinos Vs Fossils

Wayne Carey bangs on about June-July being big boy months due to the weather, well maybe he just lives on the wrong side of this big brown land cos a beautiful sunny June afternoon under a big blue West Aussie sky greeted us for our first home game of the year.

With the hint of casserole in the air and a familiar Warrick Welded plume of smoke drifting heavenly, the universally respected Fossils rolled into town hardened on dredging, dewatering and devouring marron the size of Ford Lasers.

Dino’s lost the toss and kicked into a strong breeze. Muzz injected himself into the centre and decided that not using the wind would be a crime so launched towards his own goals. Fortunately this was a rare forward thrust for the Fossils and the ball was locked in our forward 50 for most of the quarter. We were a little wasteful in front of goals but with a strong midfield and running wings, the signs were there that after 5 years of looking for a 4 quarter game on Jurassic Park, this was gonna be tangerine time.

The Fossils lost 2 players during the 2nd term to a Juice Liverpool Kiss and a Waller tackle which was straight out of Jack Ziebell’s hand book. 40 is an old Collie kid and many of the Fossils his old school mates so he pulled a packet of winny reds and a stick mag out of his footy bag and renewed old times with the light footed Kain Cuppy Quarrill rolled into the deal which will surely be remembered as one of the trades of 2016.

The second half saw the mids continue and the forwards get amongst the goals with Reidy and Kingy in particular powering to the line. For good measure, the ever alert Shredder fed coach Maybs a couple of assists late to ensure he’ll line up in his favoured position next game.

Big up to Muzz for the fires, pressure cleaning the pav and generally firing everyone up to make the day/night what it was. The ladies n Kev in the kitchen and all the families who put together a dish or even just came along and tucked into the wine, Hammer’s little heroes running water never left a man hanging for a sip, the crew setting up and cleaning up the oval and Pav the next day. Thanks to 40 and Cuppy who got fossilised at half time to help out the boys from Collie without doing a Hall and completely jumping the fence. Well bloody done to Fanta for donning the fluoro for the first time and orchestrating a bruise free brand of footy. Congratulations also to Barberry (Barbs/Mayberry) on their coaching debut on the tricky dimensions of the Jurassic Park track… 1 from 1. Nice work also from Haousty for channelling his carnival folk genes and running the novelty games….everyone’s a winner !!

Best: Dools, Salty, Reidy, Kingy, Rowey, Juice, Macca, Wal, Barbs, Shano ‘the barbarian’ C.

Congratulations to Dools and Mill on 50 games of Dino footy and in Dool’s case, probably another 20 played for other teams at carnivals.

Pics will be posted once Mrs Fantarazzi approves the final cut.

Pictures are here