Round 5 2016 Dinos Vs Hawks


The Hawks rolled into Dino town with 18 players so Cuppy, Mill and Reever decided to play away from home and slap on the green. After a much appreciated guard of dishonour for my 50th game which consisted of a few cheap shots, shin kicks and a squirrel grip (as Hally wasn’t there, I have no idea who that was).

The game was a wet affair and Murray gave the opposition the chance to kick with the breeze. They put the foot down and by half time we were a couple of goals down with all our boys playing well for them in a distinct lack of respect for the milestone man. We were in the same place we had been in the game before against the Boomers and it was about to get worse. The 3rd quarter kicked off and the Hawk feasted on a Dinosaur wishing the ice age would come quickly. The whistle blew to signal the end of the 3rd and we were 6 goals adrift and headed for our biggest loss since records have been kept at Jurassic. The coaching team of Barbs/Maybery or ‘Barberry’ as it is affectionately called was having none of the defeatist talk and demanded we lift. King dog went to work in the middle and Rowe/Juice/Barbs went nuts, ably assisted by the ever green 50+’er Gunja who provided the link into the forward line with Salty snapping a goal on the siren to get us home by a few points.

Best: Basky, Shagga, Marko. Well done to JR (probably their best player for the day) and the hard hit, gang tackled Mill/Cuppy for helping make it a cliff hanger.

The night was a great family evening of playing kids, casseroles, raging fires and talking spank.

Well done to all and see you up at Mandurah for the final outing.

Meanwhile….Here’s Bill

The Medallist