2016 Mandurah Carnival Wrap

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Carnival # 6 – Mandurah 27-8-16

Pickup was at 8am at the Pav under grey skies. The count was 20 players with a few pick ups on the way and a couple of boys already in Perth so about half a doz on the bench and a good mix of plenty of game time in the tangerine but not too much to affect a signature moves on the dance floor later on.

Paul (PB) the bus driver had been hand picked by the Minister of Transport/paid player/carnival specialist, Dangerous David Haoust and he didn’t disappoint. We arrived at the ground ahead of time and filled with tales like John Todd beating up Ron Boucher during his half time address at Swan Districts so trotted off the bus spoiling to chase the bag of wind around a wet and windy Rushton Park.

Murray ‘the man of steel’ Wharton’s influence in the Masters league is considerable and as such, our change rooms were at the main oval with carpet on the floor and warm water in the pipes. We suited up and made our way to our ovals. All three games were to be played on the small (Jurassic Park dimensions) ovals which again were a sign that the league had Murray’s back and he had ours with short, sharp running patterns assured.

Game 1 : We kicked off in game one against a strong Geraldton Mighty Blues outfit with Rowey, Gunja and Kingy leading the way in slippery conditions. The Blue boys hadn’t seen rain for many months and relished the opportunity to wash the red dust off and managed to scape home by a couple of kicks. Unfortunately for them, they had jumped onto the wrong Geraldton oval and the league had no choice but to award the game points to Barberry’s boys and keep their unbeaten record above the 34th parallel (Albany pub to oval experiment excluded) in tact for the year. $2 for Kev for preferring the other teams water boy to me…was it my suit or did ‘he’ have something in the bottle that I didn’t ?

Waroona were short so Maybs, Grieiver, Dools, Heals, Fanta and Cuppy slapped on the Demons/Bombers jumpers and brought many of their guys into the game. The Demons were wrapped with the support they get from us at every opportunity and stumped up $100 for our after dark activities. Well done boys and as you ice those mercenary bumps and bruises, be consoled that your $100 was put to great use for its intended purpose.

Game 2 : After some fancy scheduling footwork we were put up against the Northampton boys which had old 8 Ball King licking his lips with thoughts of last year and off a strong game one. Juice and Rowey put in another strong performance with WD40 bringing sexy back and helping get us across the line and the tangerine machine was starting to roll.

Game 3 : Final game vs Kalgoorlie. If Danni had been at the ground, Rowey would probably have been in a lot of trouble by now (‘You’re a hog Michael’ surely ringing in his ears after game 1 and 2) but she wasn’t so the wolf pack member continued his merry dance and racked em up in the final game. Pothole was a wall at full back, making spot on decisions when a false move would have provided Kal with a goal. A special mention to Stevey ‘Rowdy’ Cahill who found his opposition’s body on a number of occasions to clear a path down the wing and gather a few important possessions himself. A good win and finish to the carnival which built on the momentum of the previous games.

We were done and dusted early so a quick shower and a couple of beers watching the other games on the small ovals, chats with the other players who had finished and a bit of AFL on the TV. The conditions were so bad that the presentations where cancelled and we pulled stumps and headed for the Ravenswood Hotel. Pothole, Barbs, Hammer and 40 showed a misspent youth with some talent on the pool table and a number of the WAGs joined us for a couple of refreshers before adjourning to the restaurant. With 40+ meals to sort out, the Ravi did an excellent job and as the medals where handed out by team Barberry to King, Heal, Kelly and Rowe the table got rowdier and rowdier. Pothole provided a highlight for me with an elderly lady quietly objecting to the levels of noise coming from our table with a ‘tut tut’ look in our direction….Pot calmly leaned over towards her and suggested, ‘stay off the mushroom sauce’.

The band was warming up, Forti had long since ripped his checked sleeves off in an ‘in your face move to Kingy’ and although Hammer was still telling us all it was about time he got a medal, we moved into the main bar and enjoyed a bit of ACDC done dirt cheap. In a dark room with black dominating, we lit the place up with tangerine safari suits, dance offs that had the bouncers taking notice and Pot proving #1 groupie with horns up at the front of the mosh pit.

After a long and winding bus trip of drop offs and emergency stops, we limped into Jurassic Park in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Thanks to Haousty for the bus and carnival specialist bus driver Paul. Big up to Muzz and Fanta for the promotion and organisation of the night and Barberry for their work in getting guys game time in positions they wanted and still keeping us more than competitive. Well done to those boys that helped out Waroona and good on the girls who came along and made it a night remember…most of it anyway.