Wongan Hills 2017 Carnival Wrap Up


My my, hey hey, she’s 7am and we’re on our way!!

All aboard and Botty/Heals will be swooped up on the way (pass Heals, back up, drive forward…some stuff never gets old)….signs are good for a cracking weekend in the wheatbelt. Great to see our playing list starting to mirror older masters clubs now with three over 50s (including One Wing Wharton Water boy), 2 blokes who hadn’t played a game of AFL before and a collection of blokes ranging from boarder line flower pickers at their peak like myself to worn warriors from a bygone era.

With Wal at the wheel, we didn’t waste a drop of fuel with the Go West chariot on a collision course for the insanely yielding, record breaking wheat belt and we arrived before midday.

Sean ‘Donk’ Wilson brought along his drone to capture a few pics of our warm up so that will be interesting to see if we look any better from that angle. He will be giving it a run at training now and then so if you’ve got a bald spot, you might want to start practicing the comb over.

2 x 20 min halves each game.. 1.45pm and 4pm both on the main oval in front of huge crowds. Troy Condo, Donk and Splinter ran the guard of honour for their first games so hit the ground with a few corkies.

Game 1: Vic Park Pigs

1.45pm rolled around and we hit the ground running with a ball up extraction, link up and Gunja who floats like a butterfly and smokes like bob marley, found himself on the board early. Griever got a wake up after being assisted into the hard cricket pitch, Marko ‘Stay Lite’ Cahill showed he could play amongst the big boys and made space, marked and found his targets over and over. Wal, Reever and Heals (filthy on Coach Candy Crush that he was started in a back pocket) worked their way into the contest. Up the other end with scores level, The Pigs went back to back with their full forward going BANG BANG…Hoggs went off with a spray worthy of Matty Richardson. ‘The Hoggan straighten up’ worked with Rowdy Cahill laying a couple of his balls and all tackles and Splinter popping his goal cherry with two goal square sealers after some crafty body work.

Result – Dinos by a couple of goals

Game 2: Warnbro Swans

4.00pm arrived about the same time as 38 calf muscles started to protest….nothing prepares for the stop start nature of the game. Wal went into tackle mode with 2 classic run downs and put himself in the frame for most valuable Dino (M-VD), Reever threw down the gauntlet with a trademark willy willy or two and Fish kicked goal of the day with a ball up rove and snap that would make his favourite player, Will Hoskin Elliot sit up and take notice. Shagga obviously took offence that someone was out foul mouthing him (Hoggs) cos the kid got blue, then the umpire ordered Potty Shag to go sit with Poppy Shag on the sidelines. The high drama continued with the umpire getting nude (took his shirt off and threw it down) and suggested that the playing group might do a better job. Funnily enough this distraction stopped a 3 goal streak by Warnbro, One Wing started running water again after a half game break (to wash down the flies we were all swallowing), Mocha got busy in the middle, Maybs prowled the centre like a Balmain Tiger, Cpt Jack kept the wheels rolling to the end which was massive effort for someone who rucked unchanged, Donk and Troy got into the game and impressed more and more as the game went. Dools ran all day for us, helped out another team and umpired a game.

Result – Swans by a goal

Before the siren had finished sounding, the wheel barrows filled with ice and beers rolled onto the ground. In true Dino form, we managed to drain the barrow meant for Warnbro and then wheeled ours off to our tent….quite by accident but yet brilliant. We jumped into the bus back to the hotel, showered and walked back to the presentations.

Awards : Marko and Reever. Marko wanted everyone there to know exactly what went into making a champion so thanked his girlfriend for the smoothie she made him and encouraged everyone to ‘Stay Lite’ which for me was the speech of the night.

Awesome Club Award : Who else ??!! The Dalyellup Dinosaurs.

Hoggan thought the group owed him one so grabbed the mic and told the crowd what it was like to be a Dino, we sang the song on the stage with trophy raised high to a slightly disinterested crowd but winners are grinners and the rest get the picture as they say.

Maybs had the Dino costume on early and became a target for every bloke who didn’t have a girl to dance with which of course were quite a few. Unfortunately by the end of the night, the old Dino suit drenched in beer was misplaced and probably walking down the main street of Wongan right now. Not a total tragedy as it’s time for an upgrade as the Boomers Kangaroo made ours look pretty ordinary. Speaking of ordinary, Troy Condo was far from it and celebrated like a rock star.

Big up to Haousty for the Go West bus and Wal for keeping us moving up and back.

Keeech Out