Game 1 vs Margaret River Hawks @ the Hawks Nest

8th April on a beautiful Friday Autumn evening

With only 10 on the bus, we headed out and crossed our fingers that there were car loads of Dinos heading down the highway. The phones began to ring from the boys ahead in cars that there had been a bad crash at Capel and traffic was being diverted inland. We had one of Go West’s best drivers, Keithy, at the wheel (with threats of demotion from Mill ringing in his ears if we got stuck in grid lock and had to forfeit) so with the flick of the wrist, we were trucking through a tuart forest and back onto the highway.

On arriving, a few of the car poolers were kicking the dew off the field with the Margs boys who would normally still be trying to find their boots amongst their sex wax and shark shields. They looked prepared for battle and not showing any of the expected Wongan Hills fatigue having gone to war like ourselves only 6 days previously. There were a few rye smiles between the camps that suggested there were some sore bodies but it was game one so time to get busy in 2017.

The game was a shootout in slippery conditions and could have gone either way so we sang the song just in case. The game was played with tremendous spirit and there was plenty of banter and desperation out on the field which was a credit to both clubs and perhaps a product of having had the weekend before on the squirt with them up at Wongan Hills.

Best – Hally and Hammer with Juice and Rowey offering a bag of tricks for the crowd and Kingy looked very likely up forward taking a few grabs, kicking truly and passing off a couple.

The Margs footy club is open 7 days a week so they know how to pull a beer and the ribs for dinner were spot on. Maybs did a fine job on the presentations and we packed onto the bus and off to Settlers for the few hours of gambling, mingling, pool playing and listening to a dreadlocked dig playing muso with light show which was more entertaining than it sounds. Hainesy was on board with guitar so it was Chisel, Crowded House, Hoodoo Gurus and The Angels sing alongs all the way back to the Pav. At 1.30am we said our good byes and prepared for church later that day.

Nice start to the year boys !

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