Game 3 vs Waroona Demons

5.30pm rolled around on Friday and instead of reaching for a coldie to wash away the angst of the working week or indifference from the cheese and kisses or disrespect from the tin lids…..we took off from the pav in the bus or gathered the family into the car or in Splinter’s case rubbed the sleep from his eyes, looked around the casino hotel room and wondered who the Chinese guy was sleeping in the shower for the night before.

With Keith (Go West’s swing man) at the wheel we arrived into Waroona in good time. We were greeted with 17 degrees with no wind and a light dew meant we had the best possible night conditions.

A quick canvas of who had played the Waroona ground before the game came up with a heavy home ground advantage for the Demons boys but with Jurassic Park like circular dimensions, there was something familiar about the joint.

As we warmed up, the Waroona league team was still training which restricted our pre-game drills. One of the Dino’s was seen to wander over to a Demon who looked like they were in charge and suggested the Auskickers needed to vacate so the big boys of AFL could ply their trade…after running his eyes up and down said Dino’s lumps and bumps with a fat Dinosaur proudly displaying his sword (oh, shit that’s a cane…is this guy serious), he turned to the group and suggested the special needs school was in town and manners probably dictated that they left it to us.

We won the unlose-able toss and kicked with the sprinklers which would pump out of the Yarragadee aquifer all night in an attempt to slow our quicker movers. The first quarter was the opposite of how we usually roll early with quick movement into the forwards. Guesty crumbed like a champ and snapped truly to open proceedings with Reever, Shredder, Whitey and Botts creating more headaches than Craig Hall at Sunday school. To the Demons credit, they out gunned us slightly in the 2nd to keep their chances alive and their strong recruiting drive was threatening to take it away from us. Juice was up and rolling, Zac was giving great drive from half back/centre , Fanta’s intercept marking in 2017 is making Jeremy McGovern look like he is handling soap. Great to have Shane Coenen back in the backline and providing plenty with this up town/down town one touch skills but a side knock to the knee had him iced for the 2nd stanza. Demons capitalised with their bigger bodied midfield starting to offer their forwards some delivery. The Dino’s steadied in the last with a few players having at crack at some different roles and we ran out narrow winners on the night.

Zac Reading was showered in the circle for his first game and a glorious start to what we hope is a long Dino career.

Best : Zac, Fanta, Juice, Reever, Shredder

Late mail is that there has been a protest put in from Waroona about Fanta playing for the Dino’s. Something smelling of the Albany-Hall arrangement in that Waroona are complaining that their team’s structures without Fanta in it have been severely affected and then he goes and gets in the best for the Dino’s to rub their noses in it.

The Waroona boys put on a fine dinner on the house from their kitchen and the full facilities were enjoyed by the boys and families. Magnificent to see Doully, Fanta and Splinters families at the game with Kalani/Aston Heal mainstays rockin wrestling on the sidelines as dad does his stuff.

Congratulations to Maybs for umpiring and speech duties at the presentation which for someone keen to have a kick himself is a big tick.

A one stop bus trip home included another first in Dino history with a male skimpy operating at the Waroona Hotel. Many footy clubs would have turned tail at this environment but not the Dinos. I guess if we can roll with Hally running around as Robin Hood in tights at training, a pair of hot pants when we’re out and about looks a bit dressed up. A few beers at the bar and beer garden, girls kissing on the dance floor to a tone deaf DJ + St Kilda/GWS replay on the big screen provided enough distractions to keep us around for an hour or so.

Thanks to Go West for organizing the bus and providing Keith at a very generous rate given we arrived back at the Pav at 1am.


Keech Out

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