Game 5 – Dinos v Sharks at Hands

June 17th  2017

As the Swans rolled over the Tigers so too are the days of our lives….or Kingy’s life in the yella and black. Would Dawg be able to focus in his milestone game with this distraction hanging in the air ? The next 90 mins would tell the story and so into the fray we went against the old foe, the Collingwood of Masters SW on a newly surfaced Hands Oval.

The temperature hit 18 degrees as we gathered for the toss. The Sharkies are a proud bunch and although had 8 fewer troops at bounce down, were not to be taken lightly as we were to find out with the first quarter finishing with things tied up.

Griever and Zac had gone across to even things up and provided some late quarter run for the old enemy which proved to be critical in holding back the tangerine wave. The second quarter started with the Dino’s getting some run out of the middle and working it forward to the combo of dangerous talls in Kingy, Shredder, Splinter, Botty, Gunga and dynamic smalls in Duffy, Guesty, and Fanta.

Out of nowhere, disaster strikes…..1000s of kms away Micky Barlow was sucking on his green dummy for his busted ankle, then stretchered off the ground and ambo’d off to hospital while our barman Micky Hoggan suffers the same injury backing back into oncoming traffic and walks off the ground and drives himself to emergency. Coming off best at the Busso carnival, an irreplaceable loss both on and off the ground.

A big up to Shagga and Timbo Sparrow for helping out the Sharkies for the second term and beyond. The second half continued the Dino dominance through the middle with Macca and Gunja rolling particularly well right to the final siren and deservedly took the best on ground awards. Special mention to Kingy who was lively kicking 7 points (1.1 he recons) and having a hand in many other shots which thankfully went through.

Dinos by 8 goals

A beer with the Sharks boys (big up to Ross Piggot who kicked a couple and Vossy who are both an inspiration in just getting out there let alone gather good pill) and we hit the showers and a few beers at the well appointed home of footy in the Southwest. We celebrated Kingy’s 50TH and enjoyed the Shark’s hospitality with our families and a few boy headed onto the Highway Hotel to see an ACDC tribute band…..horns up.

Thanks to Barbs, Salty, Dan and Reever for helping with the umpiring.

Congratulations on Mill’s coaching for the first time….with that many players, you see the board and not much else. And a fantastic first game for Rolly the South African import who has slotted into the Dino outfit quite nicely.

Well done to King Dawg on 50 eventful games….

An ode to the Dawg:

He’ll play 100 before he’s 40

We started him early, it was a little naughty

But who could deny our push up king

Awesome grab and he kicks em from a wing

Arms like tree trunks and a shaven head

A ripping team man, he helped build our shed

And as the sun sets and its time to get loose

Again this boy gives it and almighty roost

Well done Dawg on 50 you just have to rate

Dusty as a Kanga, I just can’t wait !


Next game at home to the Busso Magpies on Sat 1st July…..let’s show em how we casserole !!!


Keech #23

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